The 'Al Kugel Room'

photo of al kugel receiving award 2001

Photo of Al Kugel (right) Receiving an Award 2001

About Al Kugel

Reading this memorial page should give you an idea of his massive contributions to military postal history.

Al supplied many of his exhibits and articles for posting on this website. After his passing, the MPHS has worked to make scans of all available exhibits that he created. This web page will be the electronic "Kugel Room", containing all known references to his work, including those items on the MPHS website.

Al Kugel's Exhibits

[There are several thousand pages of his exhibits scanned by the MPHS. As they become available, they will be listed here.]

The Expansion of Italy Following World War I 1918-1926

United States International Registration Labels

Polish Forces in Exile During and Following World War II

U. S. Intervention in Vera Cruz, 1914

Mail of the Congress of Versailles, 1919 (re-scanned)

Over There, U.S. Forces Abroad in WWI and its Aftermath

Remember the Maine! America's War with Spain and its Aftermath

The Expansion of Serbia 1876 to 1921

American Mail Agencies in Latin America 1922 - 1942

Wake Island Mail 1933 - 1945

The Rising Sun -- Japanese Expansion from 1894 to 1941

The Germans in the Pacific Postmarks and Unusual Items

Panama Canal Zone Registered Mail, The Early Years 1905-1922

Postal History of the American Forces in China 1900-1941

The British Main Line Military Railway Post Office in Europe in 1919

The ALCan Highway Project

The Break-Up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1918-1923

The US Army and Its Postal Service Abroad During World War 2 (APO)

$2.00 to $5.00 Postage Stamps of the United States & Its Possessions 1893 - 1938

Australian Forces in the Boxer Uprising

The U.S. Intervention in Northern Mexico 1916-1917

United States Intervention in North Russia During and After the First World War

United States Intervention in Siberia During and After the First World War

United States Intervention in South Russia After the First World War, 1919-1922

Allied Plebiscite Activities in Germany, 1920-1921

European Boundary Commission Activity on the Aftermath of World War I.

Spanish-American War, 1898

The 'Prexies' Go To War

Allied Plebiscite Activity in the Saar Territory, 1935

Allied Forces in the Baltic Area in the Aftermath of World War I

Al Kugel's Articles

Al co-authored (with Ed Dubin) an extensive 33-page article, originally published in 2017 by the American Philatelic Society, on America's involvement in the First World War.

The disintegration of the Hohenzollern Empire 1918–1923 (2011 Article at National Postal Museum Website)

Austria-Hungary's Vistula Flotilla in World War 1

Austria-Hungarian Naval Aviation on the Adriatic during World War 1

The First Marine Defense Battalion at Pearl Harbor

Guam Island Mail 1899-1904 the Overprinted Stamps

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