Harold Kirsche's Presentation on the Ninoshima POW Camp in WWI

NOTE: This presentation was given at a MPHS Online Zoom Presentation held on June 5, 2021.

ninoshima pow camp

Harold Krische's Presentation Online

The static pages of this exhibit are available on the MPHS website. Please click on the link: Presentation on the Ninoshima POW Camp in WWI.

Full Announcement

Dear Military Postal History Society member,

As part of the MPHS efforts to facilitate greater opportunities for the engagement, learning and sharing among our valued members, the Board supports the use and explorations of digital platforms. Recently, the MPHS launched a Facebook page that has already surpassed 170 members with hundreds of scans of military postal history items. This site alone warrants your consideration of accessing Facebook and if you already have a Facebook account, you should certainly join the Military Postal History Society page.

It is with pleasure that we now announce the launch of our first online presentation via Zoom. We hope that the MPHS Zoom sessions will become a regular feature to maintain a “connectivity” with our members during these challenging times and beyond. We know that our members highly value education, the sharing and exchanging of knowledge and believe that this platform can be meaningful and inspirational for all those having an interest in military postal history. Ultimately, the success of our plan for regular Zoom meetings needs the members to share their expertise and knowledge of the material that they collect. We encourage you to give consideration to giving a future presentation on behalf of the MPHS in the months ahead and kindly let us know of such possibilities.

Our first Zoom presentation took place Saturday June 5th, 2021. The initial presentation is on “The 1919 Ninoshima POW Camp Exhibition and its Postcards” by Harold Krische. The rest of year 2021 has seen our organization hosting several other Zoom presentations.

For those members who are not familiar or comfortable with Zoom, please please download and read the pdf document designed to provide familiarization to ensure a successful Zoom experience.

We hope that our members will continue to benefit from the initiatives being undertaken by the Military Postal History Society to enhance the value of your membership. We also highly value your support and participation in these initiatives.


Roger Santala
President MPHS

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