Andros, George C., PFC

Bandemer, Paul A., SGT

Clark, Paul, SGT

Cook, Elijah L., PVT

Decker, Arthur C., PVT

Diener, Rubin J., PFC

Douglas, Malcolm, MAJ

Dykowski, John F., PFC

Ekman, Harry W., PVT

Findley, Asa M., SGT

Finley, Walter A., PVT

Foschetti, Guido, PVT

Funk, Forest J., CPT

Geiger, Howard W., CPT

Green, Harold C., PVT

Greenleaf, Clarence A., CPT

Hall, John C., MAJ

Harris, Edward A., PVT

Hart, Frank, PVT

Hartz, Harry M., PVT

Henze, Arthur F., PVT

Howell, James H., PFC

Hyatt, Charles L., PVT

Jones, William L., 1LT

Katz, Henry, CPT

Keenan, Howard O., PVT

Ketcham, Harold J., PFC

Kollar, Joseph M., PVT

Korff, Norman A., PVT

Laird, Claude R., CPT

Landrew, Henry E., PVT

LeFevre, Edmund A., PFC

Lillotte, Louis L., PVT

Little, Frederick B., CPT

Lynch, John W., PVT

Magers, Roy H., PVT

Maloney, Thomas, SGT

McGary, Maurice D., PFC

Moses, Leon H., PVT

Nash, Norman F., PVT

Nugent, Arthur C., 1LT

O'Callaghan, Frank, PVT

O'Rourke, Timothy A., PVT

Perry, Joseph G., SGT

Pickel, Norris E., PVT

Pike, Merritt J., PVT

Potts, Walter E., PVT

Pyle, Albert G., PVT

Pyle, Wynand V., CPT

Rombach, John L., PVT

Russel, Anton, PVT

Sauer, Fred A., PVT

Simmons, Nines, 1LT

Smith, Franklin R., PVT

Springer, Ralph W., 1LT

Stark, Ewing G., PFC

Stihler, Carl W., PVT

Stihler, Harry R., PVT

Ullrich, Arnold F., PVT

Van Horne, James A., CPT

Van Loo, Albert, PVT

Wenerski, Walter D., PFC

Werner, Edwin J., PVT

Whelan, Robert C., PVT

Wilson, William L., PVT

Winslow, Glen E., SGT

Wyatt, Otto, PVT

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