Austin, Hathaway R., SGT

Cross, William O., SGT

Ferguson, Thomas, CPT

Franklin, William R., SGT

Gibbs, Reeves N., SGT

Howard, Robert O., PVT

MacMorland, Edward E., MAJ

McDonald, Ralph J., PFC

Montgomery, Albertis, CPT

Odell, Herbert G., CPT

Olson, Martin P., PFC

Phillips, Charles W., MAJ

Potts, Harry F., PFC

Rahm, Joseph L., CPT

Schafer, Joseph C., CPT

Smith, Everett, PFC

Smith, Roy E., CPL

Vanslet, Raymond F., PFC

Wilson, John E., 1LT

Woodward, Samuel J., PVT

Zelms, Harold V., PFC

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