Appel, Bernard, PFC

Beauchamp, Adrien, PVT

Blakey, D. R., CPT

Bruce, Edward D., SGT

Garman, Ralph, PFC

Goetz, Karl, PVT

Gross, John M., SGT

Hagen, Charles T., PFC

Hanson, William C., CPT

Hatch, Veryl L., PVT

Hayden, Ellzey, PVT

Henry, William H., MAJ

Kumm, Albert, PVT

Lawson, William S., PFC

Reeser, Guy M., 1LT

Roe, Walter, 1LT

Sisson, George, PVT

Wingerter, Erwin W., PFC

Zessin, Carl. A, PVT

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