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Background and Cover Illustrations

This story was first reported in the Autumn 2017 "Belgapost" quarterly of the Belgian Philatelic Study Circle in the U.K. As perhaps an instructive example of how after 75 years such an address can be identified in today's partly-digitized world, and in hopes further information may be uncovered, here is a re-telling of it.

The two covers, front and back, shown in Figures 1 and 2 , are an interesting study in several ways. As examples of mail from German occupied Belgium to neutral Portugal, both have the routine Munich office censor tape, indicated by the "d" on the tape. That was the German censor office that mail to Portugal was typically censored at. However, on top of German censor tape or markings, and the Lisbon arrival cancel, is a British P.C. 90 censor tape. Those tapes have censor numbers on them believed to have been in the U.K.


Front of Cover #1


Front of Cover #2

Two covers from Belgium to the same addressee, with German censorship, and British censorship after reaching Lisbon. Top cover stamps' date and place covered by German censor tape, but backstamped Antwerpen (the German for Antwerp) 21 Dec 1943 and Lisbon 6 Jan 1944. Bottom cover stamp canceled Antwerpen but date seems unclear – possibly 1 Feb 1944 (?), but backstamped (in Belgium?) 31 Jan 1944 and Lisbon 19 Feb 1944.


Back of Cover #1


Back of Cover #2

The backs of the 2 covers in Figure 1 . No sender or return address indicated.

Continue to the 'Discussion' section for more in-depth information on these markings and covers.

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