MPHS AUCTION 218, Closing 28 February 2021

[Lot 55]

Lot 55

This is the lot listing for the Military Postal History Auction #218, closing 28 February 2021.

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Bidders: The dollar amount with each Lot represents a Minimum Bid. MB increments are $0.25 up to five dollars, $0.50 up to $10, $1 up to $20, $2 up to $50, and $5 above that. Tied bids will be awarded to earlier bidder.

Winning bids should be paid within 10 days of Auction close. All successful bidders receive Prices Realized with lots. All others may view prices realized on the website or receive a copy by sending an e--mail to the auctioneer.

Descriptions: In general, envelopes are regular size, typically #6, UOS. Franking is usually described. The use of “entire” is to indicate postal stationery. Selected images of the material are included on the website. For additional information, questions, and selected images, please contact the Auction manager

Submit Bids to:

Kelly Horn
1505 Caswell St.
Raleigh, NC 27608-2309


Abbreviations Used in Auction Listing

OS = Otherwise Stated; UOS = Unless OS
APO = Army Post Office. Number is in cancel UOS
FPO = Fleet Post Office
PC = postcard; PPC = picture postcard
V-Mail = processed and with envelopee UOS
OEF = Operation Enduring Freedom
OIF = Operation Iraqi Freedom
RO = roughly opened

Censor marks

NC = No Censor
C = Censored, varieties include:
SC = Self-Censored
BC = Box Censored
CC = Circle Censor
HC = Handwritten Censor
RC = Racetrack Censor

MB = Minimum Bid


1. US, ca. 1845. John E Wool, Brig Genl, autograph on part of outer sheet of SFL (no content), from Troy, NY. Wool was an officer in the War of 1812; a hero of the Mexican War, and a Major General in the Civil War (notable for helping put down the NY Draft Riots of 1863. The docketing from the Inspector General’s Office and Brig. Gen. Place this between 1841 and 1847. $20


2. US, ca. 1860, 2 unused patriotic covers, with images of Generals Winfield Scott and B. F. Butler. Fine on face and clean backs. $15




3. AEF – RPO straight line postmark “From T&C RPO West, Aug 11, 1918.” Handstamp strike in blue. AEF censor No. 2278. $45


4. Egypt. Small (14×6.5 cm) postcard sent from Indian forces in Egypt with Jul 23, 1915 postmark from FPO t-52 (Port Said). Circular IEF censor mark No. 104. Small scuff on lower left message side, clear of message and marks. $6

5. Austria, 1914 (Nov). SMS Bellona, fine ship handstamp on field postcard postmarked Pola. Full message. SMS Bellona was a wooden-hull 92-gun ship of the line launched (as SMS Kaiser) in 1858. She was still active, but only as a barracks ship, in WWI. $15


6. Austria, France, 1916. Postcard from Wien to Austrian civil internee. Full message. $10


7. France, Senegal, 1918 (Mar). Artillery unit handstamp and return address on cover from Dakar to France. $15


8. GB, Egypt, 1916 (15 Jul). FPO CD3 postmark (= Kantara) in small cover to BEF France. Predates Proud’s ERD by 5 days. Nice inter-theatre use. $15


9. GB, Palestine, 1918 (July). Fine FPO 159 postmark (Ramallah) on postcard (Jerusalem). Entwistle rated at £25. $15


10. Italy, 1916, R. Nave Ammiraglio di Saint Bon, fine postmark on ship postcard with ship censor handstamp. Full message on back. Antiquated battleship with a complement of 557. $20


11. Italy, 1915, Martina Busta Speciale Brevettata cover with fine 8th Div. postmark and postage due stamps applied on arrival. $15


12. Italy, Albania, 1916. UPM Albania (5) postmark on field postcard with handstamp of 74th Infantry Regiment and part-strike Corpo Speciale censor handstamp. Full message. $10


13. US, France, 1918 (Jun), long cover return addressed APO, to soldier in Italy, with messy CPO postmark. Vertical fold. $10


14. US, France, 1919 (Apr). Type A3110 APO 909 postmark, each with wrong year date on 2 postcards. Full messages. $10


15. US, 1918 (Apr). S. San Antonio Military Branch postmark on cover with letter datelined Kelly Field. Content includes request that his mother make up an illness so that he can get a furlough. Edge faults. $10




16. US. 1929. USS Truxtun cancel (USCS scarcity R-1) on long official cover. $10


17. US Marine Corps in China. Mar 1937 cover from Marine Detachment American Embassy. Peiping. Uses Army 1- and 2-cent Army commemoratives from 1937. $6

18. Germany, Czechoslovakia, 1939 (30 Mar). FP postmark on small cover. Back flap with return address is missing. $10


19. US. 1933. 4 USF Constitution covers, Oakland, CA cachets; all different dates. $12




20. Camp cancels (20 covers incl Camps Breckinridge, Butner, Campbell, Carson, Chaffee, Cooke, Crowder, Edwards, Gruber, Polk, Swift), and 30 covers from other US training facilities but w/o camp cancellation (eg, Fort Knox, Fort Smith, Blackstone [VA], Oxnard [CA]). $15

21. APOs 34, 160, & 562. Cancelled on D-Day. Stamp on APO 34 is faulty. $8

22. Africa. 33 covers (APOs 521, 600, 602, 621, 622, 663, 678, 681, 683, 698, 761, 768, 788). $10

23. Australia, 1944. Attractive cornercard on registered cover from Field. PO 94, to Queensland. Return addressed on back 1 Aust Ind L H [Light Horse] Sqn, York Force. $15


24. Australia, Papua New Guinea, 1944 (Sep). Army PO 0112 (Sogeri) postmark on Tattersall’s cover. $10


25. Australia, Papua New Guinea, 1945 (Oct). Aust. Army PO 215 postmark on registered airmail cover to Tattersall’s. $15


26. Australia, Papua New Guinea, 1944 (Aug), fine AIF Field PO 52 posmark on Salvation Army cornercard cover, with Koala bear single franking, not to Tattersall’s (!). $15


27. Brazil. APO 603 (22 Oct 1945); APO 604 (03 Oct 1943, torn; 28 Jan 1943, APO identified in return address); APO 643 (19 Dec 1942, APO identified in return address). $8

28. British Forces. Egypt. FPO 312. Nov 1943 cover with multipage, descriptive letter to writer’s fiancé in So. Rhodesia. 3×3d British stamps for airmail rate. $4

29. Canal Zone. Ancon, CZ cancellation. Official stationery from Division Engineer to US. Unusual boxed censorship in violet “Official Mail, H C Johnson 2nd Lieut. C E.” Legal-size envelope. Sc 117×2. $6


30. Canada, 1943 (Nov). Processed pictorial Christmas airgraph. Picture indicates Algeria, but postmark appears APO 600, which was in Italy by this time. $10


31. Dutch East Indies, ca. 1941. Return address Bescherungskamp (“Protection Camp”) Tjibadak on back of cover to Red Cross, censored in DEI and Germany. These Red Cross covers are common from Dutch citizens inquiring about relatives back home but are scarce from interned Germans. $25


32. France, Spain, 1940 (May). “F” overprint stamp (issued 2 per month to Spanish refugees) on cover return addressed on back member of a Spanish labor company in Bourg. $15


33. Germany, France, 1944 (Jul), FP postmark with Kenn # 437 (northern France) and FP 41467A (989 Inf. Rgt., 277 Inf. Div. largely destroyed the Falaise pocket) dienstelle handstamp on 6x9” wertbrief cover to Wien. On back are 5 FP 41467 wax seals, 1 still intact. Cover with vertical fold but very scarce. Michel FP vat (1991), p. 139, 1000DM (= ca. US$600 in 1991.) $100


34. Germany, Ukraine, 194_. DDP cover from Rowno to Saporoshje. $10


35. Germany. 40 covers with various APOs. 1944-1945. Mostly cancelled after May 1945. $10

36. Iceland. APO 860. 11 Jul 1942. $5

37. India, 1945 (Mar). Double postal card with reply half unused, addressed to HMIS Shivaji (= Indian Navy technical training school established Feb. 1945), with Bombay censor. $10


38. India. 18 covers. 9 different APOs. Feb 1943-Jun 1945. Most cancelled during war years. $10

39. Malaya. May 1941. FPO SP 501 postmark and RN Tombstone censor on cover to GB. Censor is A. Woodley, who commanded the HMS Siang Wo. “On 12 Feb 1942, HMS Siang Wo sailed from Singapore with 200 on board… . She came under Japanese air attack in the Banka Strait, (off Sumatra), eventually having to be beached near Muntok. The survivors were either killed or taken prisoner by the Japanese.” Cover with horizontal fold. $15


40. Middle East (Iran and Aden). APOs 523, 663, 784, 795. $8

41. US. Alaska. 1944. Army censor on apparently civilian cover from Anchorage to US. However, sender’s address is the Corps of Engineer’s office in Anchorage, so legitimate censorship. $10


42. US. Ascension. Oct 1944. APO 877 cover to NYC. Gray blue paper with diagonal lines. Clean stampless cover with censor No. 13028. $7

43. US. Canada. APO 724. 29 Dec 1943. 6¢ transport. $8

44. US. France, 1944. Cover from NY to sailor aboard French Cruiser Le Terrible. On back is unusual machine censor marking from the NY civil censorship office. 6¢ transport. $15.


45. US. Germany. 1944. Long cover return addressed on back, German Spokesman, Camp Howze. $10


46. US. Guam. Nov 1944 – May 1945. 4 airmail postal stationery entires from same man in 11th Bomb Group, each with different APO 246 cancel. $10


47. US. Hawaii. APO 961. Jul 1942 postmark. Features unusual, boxed “Soldiers Mail Via Air Mail.” Roughly opened on right margin, but soldiers mail mark is intact. 6¢ transport. $4

48. US. Iceland. APO 5. Dec 30, 1942. Machine postmark on stampless small cover. $5

49. US. India. APO 629. Fe 1944. Postal stationery to Philadelphia. Features unusual double-boxed, violet censor “CENSORED BY… LIEUT A.C.” 6¢ airmail. $10


50. US. New Caledonia. 1943-1944. 14 covers from USMC (3) and USN senders, at least 10 different. Mix of airmail postal stationery entires and 6¢ transport. All sound. No contents except 1 Xmas card. $25


51. US. New Caledonia. 1943-1945. 9 airmail postal stationery entires from different Army senders, all postmarked APO 502 (4 different), all sound, 1 with letter enclosed. $15


52. US. New Caledonia. 1945 (Jan-Jul). 4 airmail postal stationery entires apparently from a female civilian in the QM Sec. to the same Lt. at APOs 72, 358, 707-1 and 503. Al, sound and opened by base censors (different numbers). $15


53. US. Newfoundland. APO 864. Sep 1943. Postal stationery to Kentucky. 6¢ airmail. $5

54. US. Sudan. 1945. APO 608 return address and postmark on long cover. $10


55. US. China. 1944. APO 212 return address and postmark on Ballot Envelope cover from Donald E. Tewes, 22nd Bombardment Squadron. Tewes served as a Member of Congress 1957-59. $10


56. US. Hawaii. Mar 1942. MAILGRAM handstamp on long registered airmail cover from COMPACFLT to Navy Dept. Backstamped US Fleet 29 Mar and Washington, DC 31 Mar – very quick service. Have not been able to figure out the 33¢ rate. $15


57. US Navy. 3 covers (4 Apr 1942, 24 Oct 1944, & 06 Sep 1945). $5

58. US Patriot. Apr 1943. “Russia is Fighting! Why Worry about what they MAY do?” US Navy Atl. Flt. Ser. Sch. Postmark. Linto cachet No. 244. This is cover No. 30 of 35. Some mounting remnants on back corners. $17.50


59. US. Officially used Navy Dept, illustrated patriotic printed in dark blue. Legal-sized cover postmarked from Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1943 to promote War Bonds. Light stain on right edge and on back. $4



60. Antarctica – Operation Deepfreeze – I. May 1955 cover from USNS Greenville Victory TAK 237 with cachet Task Force 43. Greeting card size envelope: 8.25”×3.75”. One of the lesser-known participating ships. Couple of light vertical bends. $5


61. Australia, Dutch East Indies. May 1946. Brisbane postmark on cover to Canberra. On back is faint strike of Netherlands PO Brisbane, and on front is handstamp advising that postage to DEI is 5½d. Apparently from someone in the DEI re-mailed in Brisbane. $20


62. Costa Rica. Pan American Highway Project. Jun 1947. Legal-sized cover. Printed stationery from “Carretera Inter-Americans. US Federal Works Agency, Public Roads Administration, San Jose, Costa Rica” to Washington, DC. Roughly opened along top margin, with some wrinkles due to heavy enclosures. Costa Rica stamps, Mi 377, 391, 395. (A peripheral item to military postal history for those who might collect items related to the building of the Pan American Highway.) $6

63. Denmark. Cold War Emergency Stamps. Printed by Danish government for emergency preparedness. Simple design showing posthorn and inscription. Sold in late 1990s by Danish Philatelic Federation. Includes informative brochure and block and single of stamp. $12


64. France. US forces APO 813 to British base APO 413. Registered official cover sent outside of regular mails. Address on back side of OHMS stationery. Features 2 boxed registration markings. Likely form 1946 when APO 813 closed. $5

65. Germany, 1946. POW lettersheet modified for civilian internee, from Munich to Auerbach. Return addressed Kurt Hahn, Dachau, with C.I. censor handstamp. $20


66. Nicaragua. Pan American Highway Project. Aug 1945. Legal-sized cover. Printed stationery from “Federal Works Agency, Public Roads Administration, Managua, Nicaragua” to Washington DC. Couple of ¼” opening tears along top margin, wrinkled due to heavy enclosures. Nicaragua stamps, Mi 828×2, 909×2, 915. $6. (Another peripheral item to military postal history for those who might collect items related to the building of the Pan American Hwy.)

67. US, military in Admiralty Islands, 1945 (30 Aug – 7 Sep). 4 covers from 2 men. 30 Aug – 3 Sep are USN censored, 5 and 7 Sep are uncensored. $10


68. US. Jun 1946. USS Burleson postmark and return address on cacheted cover. “In June 1946, Burleson moved to Bikini carrying animals to be used in the two nuclear tests. She observed both tests and moved into the test area after each to remove the animals for study.” $15


69. US. Aug 1944. Election ballot stationery, Kelly Field, Texas to Erie, Pennsylvania. Receiving docketing from Erie on front of long cover. $4



70. Hong Kong, Viet Nam, 1976. Cover from a Vietnamese refugee, return addressed Dodewell’s Camp, Kowloon to HK. $15


71. US. Oct 1967 using standard map-patriotic stationery send from APO 96240 by member of 933rd Neuro-surgical Team to New Jersey. Free franking. $3


UN Operations

The following covers are from the estate of Thierry Delespesse & their descriptions are his. (Unless otherwise noted by an *, the covers in this section are philatelic [addressed to Thierry]; nonphilatelic covers are $10; philatelic covers are $8.)

72. UNIFIL. France. Troupes AeroPortees cachet. Poste aux Armees 125 9-9 1986. Registered 5035. French stamp (SG 2614b).

73. UNIFIL. France. Detachement Francais ONU 1978 cachet. Poste aux Armees 31-5 1979, to Monsieur le Capitaine René Goin, Givet, France. French stamps (1,00 & 0,20 Sabines).*

74. UNIFIL France. S.P. 25019/B. United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon 26 Sep 1984 cachet. Type 200(k). Free mail.

75. UNIFIL. France. Arrive Par Erreur En Israel & Vaguemestre du 420e auxiliary markings. S.H.A.P.E. Belgique 15-5 16-17 1986. Verso Poste aux Armees 18-6 1985 + PUCE 302. Belgium stamps (SG 2862, Mi 1950v).

76. UNIFIL. France. United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon 5 Feb 1979 cachet. Poste aux Armees 5-2 1979. Type 200 (e). French stamp (1,20 Sabine).

77. UNIFIL. France. United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon 12 May 1986 cachet. Poste aux Armees 12-5 1986. Registered 8081. Type 200(k). French stamps (SG: 2681 & 2682 se-tenant, 2685, 2687).

78. UNIFIL. France. S.P. 25005. Poste aux Armees 14-8 1979. French stamps (0,80 Sabine, SG 2295).*

79. UNIFIL. France. United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon 9 Mar 1979 cachet S.P. 25001. UN aerogramme. To Monsieur le Capitaine René Goin, Givet, France. Type 200 (e). No postage.*

80. UNIFIL. France. S.P. 25010. Poste aux Armees 11-2 1980, to Monsieur le Capitaine René Goin, Givet, France. French stamp (SG 2336).*

81. UNIFIL. France. S.P. 25003. United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon 16 Jul 1980 cachet (damaged). Type 200(e). Free mail.*

82. UNIFIL. France. 420° D.S.L. Medal Parad Saint-Michel Liban_O.N.U. BPM 125 18-9-80 marking. Poste aux Armees 18-9 1980, to Monsieur le Capitaine René Goin, Givet, France. French stamp (1,40 Sabine).*

83. UNIFIL. France. Campagnie Appui cachet. S.P. 25004. Poste aux Armees 5-2 1981, to Monsieur le Capitaine René Goin, Givet, France. French stamp (SG 2379).*

84. UNIFIL. France. 420° D.S.L. Saint-Michel 1981. O.U.N._Liban. B.P.M. 125 marking. Poste aux Armees 21-9 1981, to Mademoiselle Goin, Givet France. French stamp (SG 2421).*

85. UNIFIL. France. Campagnie Appui cachet. S.P. 25004. United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon 05 Feb 1981 cachet. To Monsieur le Capitaine René Goin, Givet, France. Type 200 (a)iii (?). Free mail.

86. UNIFIL. France. S.P. 25001. United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon 10 Nov 1983 cachet. To AGPM Services, Toulon, Cedex. Type 200(k). Free mail.

87. UNIFIL. Ireland. HQ 44 Irish Inf. Bn. Cancellation. Poste aux Armees 24-3 1979, to Monsieur le Capitaine René Goin, Givet, France. French stamp (SG 2278).*

88. UNIFIL. Ireland. Irish Batt cachet + PUCE 302. Poste aux Armees 16-3 1982, to Mr W Put, Rotterdam, Netherlands. French stamp (1,70 Sabine).*

89. UNIFIL. Ireland. Camp Orderly Room. No. 9 Irish Component 25-01-1984. UNIFIL HQ. Free mail.

90. UNIFIL. Ireland. HQ Company 15 May 1985 57 Inf. Bn. Poste aux Armees 16-5 1985. French stamps (0,05, 0,20 & 2,10 Sabines).

91. UNIFIL. Ireland. Officer Commanding 58 Infantry Battalion cachet. United Interim Force In Lebanon Nations 29 Nov 1985cachet. Type 200 (g). Poste aux Armees 2-12 1985. French stamps (0,10 [x2], 0,05, 2,20 Sabines) (cover with creases).

92. UNIFIL. Ireland. Officer Commanding/Adjutant 58 Infantry Battalion cachet. United Nations 29 November 1985 Interim Force in Lebanon cachet (partly covered by stamps). Type 200 (g). Poste aux Armees 2-12 1985. French stamps (0,70 [x2], 0,05, 1,00 Sabines).

93. UNFIL. Italy. 1e Ragguppamento Ale “Antares” Squadrone “Italair.” United Nations Heliwing Italair cachet. Naqoura Libano Posta Militare Italair 26.5.86. Italian stamp (SG 1670).

94. UNIFIL. Italy. 1e Ragguppamento Ale “Antares” Squadrone “Italair.” United Nations Heliwing Italair cachet. Naqoura Libano Posta Militare Italair 13.11.85. Italian stamps (SG 1824, 1661 [x2]) (cover with creases).

95. UNIFIL. Italy. Naqoura Libano Posta Militare Italair 9.1.86. Type 070 (a). Italian stamps (SG 1693 & 1694 [se-tenant], 1737).

96. UNFIL. Nepal. NEPBATT. Sacrifice is Salvation cachet. Poste aux Armees 20-3 1979, to Monsieur le Capitaine René Goin Givet, France. French stamp (SG 2278).*

97. UNIFIL. Nepal. UN Aerogramme to Nepal. 07 Jan 1980. Type 200 (a)i. Free mail.*

98. UNIFIL. Nepal. Sri Nath BN, NEPBATT IX cachet on back. Poste aux Armees 2-12 1985. French stamps (0,05, 0,20, 2,20 Sabines).

99. UNIFIL. Netherlands. Bewijs Van Terpostbezorging. Cancellation: Veldpost 95. 10 X 1980. Reg. No. 3881.

100. UNIFIL. Netherlands. Korpsadministrateur (NL) VN Det. Libanon. NAPO 25. PC. Port Betaald Veldpost Utrecht cancellation. Veldpost 95. 24 VI 1980. Type 099 (a). Free mail.*

101. UNIFIL. Netherlands. HQ – Unifil marking. Port Betaald Veldpost Utrecht cancellation. Veldpost 95. 21 V 1982. Type 099 (a). Free mail.*

102. UNIFIL. Netherlands. Special PC Dutch Batt. Port Betaald Veldpost Utrecht cancellation. Veldpost 95. 4 XI 1980. Type 099 (a). Free mail.*

103. UNIFIL. Netherlands. Welzijnszorggroep Libanon cachet. Veld 95. 7 XI 1980. Type 099 (a). Free mail.*

104. UNIFIL. Netherlands. Brigade Libanon. Kon Marechaussee cachet. Dienst Departement van Defensle marking. Veldpost 95. 17 XII 1982, to Netherlands. Type 099 (a). Free mail.*

105. UNIFIL. Netherlands. HQ – Unifil marking. Dutch Contingent Commander cachet. Port Betaald Veldpost Utrecht marking. Veldpost 95. 7 XII 1983, to Belgium. Type 099 (a). Free mail.

106. UNIFIL. Netherlands. UNIFIL Dutch Contingent Commander cachet. Port Betaald Veldpost Utrecht marking. Veldpost 95. 27 V 1983, to Netherlands. Type 099 (a). Netherlands stamp (SG 1415).*

107. UNIFIL. Netherlands. Veldpost 95. 18 III 1985, to Belgium. Type 099 (a). Netherlands stamp (SG 1447).

108. UNIFIL. Netherlands. Brigade Libanon. Kon Marechaussee & Adm. Inf. Cie (VN) Libanon cachets. Port Betaald Veldpost Utrecht marking. Veldpost 95. 6 V 1985, to France. Type 099 (a). Free mail.*

109. UNIFIL. Netherlands. VN-Detachement Libanon Netherlands cachet. Veldpost 95. 8 V 1985, to France. Type 099 (a). Netherland stamps (Mi 1066E, 1200 [x2]).

110. UNIFIL. Norway. Novegian Maintenance Company cachet. Poste aux Armees 26.3-1979, to Monsieur le Capitaine René Goin, Givet, France. French stamp (SG 2278).*

111. UNIFIL. Norway. NORBATT cachet. FN Bataljonen 8-2-85. Type 104 (c). Norwegian stamps (SG 772 & 934).

112. UNIFIL. Norway. NORBATT cachet. FN Bataljonen 13-11-83. Type 104 (c). Norwegian stamps (SG 530a [x2], 542 & 896).

113. UNIFIL. Norway. UNIFIL cachet. 2062 Gardermoen Lufthavn Hercules Norway 18.3.1983 cancellation. Unaddressed. With 7 signatures. Verso: FN Bataljonen 19-03-83. Type 104 (e). Norwegian stamps (SG 858-9).

114. UNIFIL. Norway. Norwegian BN UN cachet. FN Bataljonen 5-12-85. Type 104(b). Norwegian stamp (SG 966). stamps (SG 858-9).


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