MPHS AUCTION 219, Closing 31 May 2021

[Lot 12]

Lot 12

This is the lot listing for the Military Postal History Auction #219, closing 31 May 2021.

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Bidders: The dollar amount with each Lot represents a Minimum Bid. MB increments are $0.25 up to five dollars, $0.50 up to $10, $1 up to $20, $2 up to $50, and $5 above that. Tied bids will be awarded to earlier bidder.

Winning bids should be paid within 10 days of Auction close. All successful bidders receive Prices Realized with lots. All others may view prices realized on the website or receive a copy by sending an e-mail to the auctioneer.

Descriptions: In general, envelopes are regular size, typically #6, UOS. Franking is usually described. The use of “entire” is to indicate postal stationery. Selected images of the material are included on the website. For additional information, questions, and selected images, please contact the Auction manager

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Kelly Horn
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Abbreviations Used in Auction Listing

OS = Otherwise Stated; UOS = Unless OS
APO = Army Post Office. Number is in cancel UOS
FPO = Fleet Post Office
PC = postcard; PPC = picture postcard
V-Mail = processed and with envelopee UOS
OEF = Operation Enduring Freedom
OIF = Operation Iraqi Freedom
RO = roughly opened

Censor marks

NC = No Censor
C = Censored, varieties include:
SC = Self-Censored
BC = Box Censored
CC = Circle Censor
HC = Handwritten Censor
RC = Racetrack Censor

MB = Minimum Bid


1. German Ostasiatische Expeditionscorps envelope with stationery dated 16 II 00. F. $10

2. Spanish American War – US Forces in Cuba. Seldom seen, illustrated cover with 2 ½ cent surcharged US stamp from 6th Missouri Volunteers at Camp Columbus. Partial postmark from Military Stn. No. 10. Heavily toned and folded cover, with tears and rounded corners, but the illustration of “Habana vista general” is clear. $10

3. Spanish American War – Veterans 1928 dues receipt for United Spanish War Veterans group in Nebraska. $5

4. US-Mexico Border/Poncho Villa Era. Pair of covers postmarked Columbus, NM. July 23 and August 31 – shortly after the March raid on Columbus by the Villistas. Both covers roughly opened along left edge, but otherwise clean. $15

5. US. National Military Home (Ohio) cancellation. Dec 22, 1896. $5

6. US. War Dept, Office of Commissary General, Washington DC. 1911 PC; rubber-stamped return address. Unusual. $5



7. AEF – Domestic – Camp Stuart, Newport News, Virginia. August 1918 PC bearing both the machine and the duplex postmarks of “Stuart Branch.” $8

8. Austria. 1915-16, 2 PCs: SMS Wien handstamp and partial postmark. Mostar Fortress lighting unit handstamp. $10


9. British POW in Gustrow. 1916 (Apr). POW formular postcard to England. Message confirms receipt of a parcel. Censor marking in violet from Gustrow Kommandantur. $8

10. British Hospital Ship. 17 Nov 1916 Bombay postmark, along with rectangular Paquebot mark. Postcard with dated oval “H.M. Hospital Ship Nevasa” in violet. $32.50

11. Italy. 1915. R. Nave Regina Margherita postmark and censor on postcard that says Italians in France. Whether she was in France at the time of sending I do not know. $10


12. Italy. 1916. R. Nave Dante Alighieri postmark and censor handstamp on ship-named postcard to Switzerland. Brief message on back. $15


13. US. France. 1918 (Mar). APO 845 faint postmark on cover (back flap gone) from member of 104 MP Bn. Letter enclosed mentions outpost duty and working with French police. $10




14. Hawaii. Seven covers. Honolulu, Dec 21, 1928; long envelope, Sc 647. Luke Field cancellation, Mar 22, 1938, Sc 802. Honolulu, Jul 19, 1938, Schofield Barracks Station cancellation, Sc 802. Pearl Harbor Submarine Base (Jun 12, 1926, Jan 15, 1933, 2¢ Washington on both, and Jan 27, 1932 [long envelope]). Detachment. Pearl Harbor. Jan 27, 1932, Official Business envelope. $15

15. Midway Island. Nov 1, 1940 postmark “First Day Cancellation” in killer bars using 3¢ Prexie. Notes: Stains from glue near stamp and on reverse. Many covers were sent airmail, with “9 PM” rather than “9 AM” in postmark. $12.50



16. British navy. Jamaica. May 26, 1942 cover using Jamaican stamps (Mi: 123, 129A, 130[x2]). Sender from the (shore base) HMS Buzzard. Cover roughly opened on left edge through civil censor tape, vertical fold, and worn edges of cover. $5

17. Canada. Italy. FPO 313 Apr 28, 1944 light postmark – to Rochester NY. Rectangular “Passed by Censor No. 2378” in violet. $3

18. Haiti. Haitian Coast Guard. Legal-sized cover from HCG in Port au Prince using Haitian stamps (Mi: HT 263, Z2) postmarked 24 Aug 1944 to US Navy, Wash DC. The USCG transferred 6 cutters to Haiti’s Coast Guard in 1942. US civil censor on front. $6

19. Italian troops. Greece. 1942 (Oct) air cover using 2 Italian airmail stamps (Mi: 328) from Posta Militar N. 23. Cancels smudged and no censor marks. Opening tears along top margin and vertical fold through center, clear of stamps. $5

20. US. Alaska. APO 942. 1943 (May) censored cover sealed with plain brown tape and RC. Sender with “Anderson’s Camp.” Pair of 6¢ transport stamps. Light creases. $5

21. US. Alaska. APO 946. Nov 10, 1943. $10

22. US. Alaska. Sep 15, 1941 on 2 covers from Annette, Isl’D.L’ndg Field Br. One cover is a Franzblau cachet. $5

23. US. Alaska. 1943-44, 4 covers with return address and postmarks of APOs 730, 947, 971 (scarcer) 976, all to Alaskan Sportsman in Ketchikan, none censored. $20



24. US. Australia. Feb 21, 1945. APO 923. Sender APO 928. Army Photo Service. Official Mail. Film envelope. “Opened by U.S. Censor” tape. F $10

25. US. Australia. 1943. Cover from Army Nurse at 28 Surgical Hospital, APO 923 (Brisbane). Chatty letter enclosed. Censor tape has fallen off. $10


26. US. Brazil. APO 603 (Jun 18, 1944 and 4 covers postmarked Jun 12, 1944 to Jan 21, 1946); APO 604. May 17, 1943, postal stationery, 6¢ transport. $10

27. US. British Solomon Islands. 1942. Navy 60 (= Russell Island) return address, NY 10830 Br. Cancel on back of long registered airmail cover. $10



28. US. Caribbean postmarks. APO 802 (Bermuda, Mar 10, 1942; long official business cover); APO 632 (sender’s address; Cuba, Oct 29, 1942): Trinidad APOs 695 (Aug 1, 1945), 687 (sender’s address; Feb 13, 1943), and 803 (Nov 12, 1941, Sc C8; Jun 10, 1941, long envelope, Sc 810 and C7). $12

29. US. China. APO 210. 1945 (Feb). RC on 6¢ transport stamp. $5

30. US. China. 1943-44. Y-Force, APO 488, 2 airmail postal stationery entire from same man with different APO 488 postmarks. Back flaps missing. $20


31. US. China. 1943-45. 8 covers from air units (5 fighter, 3 bomber), all different senders. APOs 210, 430, 488, 627. $50




32. US. Gilbert and Ellice Islands. 1943. 26th Bomb Sq., APO 240-X return address on airmail postal stationery entire with APO 240 postmark. The 26th BS had an eventful war, starting at Hickham Field on 12/7/41. It was stationed at Nukufetau for only 10 weeks in 1943-33. $15


33. US. Egypt. 1945. Unusual Base Censor handstamp on long cover return addressed APO 782, postmarked APO 512, to Cairo. Appropriately franked 5¢ for surface mail, NY to Egypt. $10


34. US. Fiji. 1943-44, 6 covers return addressed all different Army units, APO 716 or 913, with at least 3 different APO 913 postmarks. $20



35. US. France. APO 803. May 8, 1945. V-E Day. 6¢ transport and Sc 905. $5

36. US. French Polynesia. 1943. Navy 203 (= Bora Bora) return address on airmail postal stationery entire. $15


37. US. French Polynesia. APO 919. Two covers to same recipient with only “1942” in postmark. Both in fair condition. One censored cover with Jul ? 1943 (?) postmark, 12¢ postage. $10.

38. US. Germany. APO 45. Pair of May 1945 censored covers on 6¢ postal stationery. One uses duplex postmark; the other the machine postmark. $5

39. US. Gold Coast. 1944. APO 606 return address on Middle Asst processed pictorial Christmas V-mail. Either the form was brought back to GC by a pilot, or this man from 1202 AAF Base Unit was on TDY. Christmas V-mails from Gold Coast are scarce. $20


40. US. GB. 1945 (Jan). 563 Bomb Sq., APO 559 return address on processed letter V-mail with cover. Letter says their heated clothing is okay for in the air but need warmer clothes for on the ground. $10


41. US. GB. 1945, 2 processed V-mails handstamped DAMAGED, both from APO 559. In scan no damage seen on them, so don’t know why handstamped. Both unfolded, indicating duplicates made at the V-mail station. $15


42. US. Hawaii. Envelope-sized card bearing 3 different postmarks used at Navy 8035 (5th Naval Constr. Battln.) on Sept 4 1943. $5

43. US. Iceland. APO 612. May 6, 1943. Free. $15

44. US. Italy. APO 3. Aug 14, 1945. V-J Day postmark. Pair Sc 842. $5

45. US. Iwo Jima. 1945 (May). 309 Air Eng. Sq., APO 86 return address on processed letter V-mail with cover. $10


46. US. Italy. APO 790. Aug 6, 1945. Bombing of Hiroshima date. Air mail envelope. $5

47. US. Johnston Island. 1943, USMC Unit 995 return address on airmail cover. Edge trimmed off at right, stamp with corner missing. $10


48. US. Maine. Presque Isle Army Airfield. 1943 (Oct). Cover from 2nd Detachment, NOQ Unit #1 on airmail stationery. 1/8” tear on top margin. $5

49. US. Nigeria. APO 623. May 4, 1945. Free. $10

50. US. Palau Islands APO 265. Mar 26, 1945. 6¢ airmail. $10

51. US. Panama. 1942. 6th Bomb Gp, APO 838 return address on long official business cover. Note V in cancel bars. $10


52. US. Solomon Islands. Guadalcanal. 1943 (Dec) censored cover from Navy 145 (stated in killer bars). Postal stationery, very clean cover. $5.

53. US. Sudan. APO 608. April 1943 cover from member of 13th Ferrying Group, 44th Sqd. Using 6¢ transport stamp. Cover shortened by 1/8” on right margin, and small opening tear. RC. $6

54. US. Trinidad. 1941 (June). Very attractive airmail cover postmarked APO 803, with US Army censor. Sender (0n back) is apparently a civilian. $15


55. US. Venezuela. 1943. Bat. D 58th CAC, APO 876 on airmail cover postmarked APO 876. (Las Piedras). A short-lived APO with a unit formed in Venezuela and moved to Aruba shortly after this cover was sent. (Forte has a cover from this correspondence on his site priced at $75.) $25


56. US. 1944. Incoming long cover to Capt. Otto Trautmann, Box 300, Bismarck, N. Dakota. This was the address form internees at Fort Lincoln. $10


57. US. 1944. Long cover for Servicemen’s Edition of the Philadelphia Enquirer, to soldier I hospital in Calif. 8-page paper (good quality, not newsprint) enclosed with great content including 2 pages of cartoons and, my favorite, picture of the winner of a (virtual) beauty contest at Oflag-64. $10


58. US. Deceased, RTS cover. 1944 (Sep). From Maine to APO 15379. Large, rectangular “Verified 1st Base PO” marking and manuscript “Deceased.” $6

59. US. Fort Bragg (NC). 1941 (Dec) Cover with printed return address, “First Battalion, First Regiment F.A.R.C.” Opening tears on top margin. $5

60. US. USMC. Two censored covers (Jul & Aug 1945) from Marine Scout Bombing Sqdn. #142. Censor apparently used staples to seal covers after examination. $5



61. British Navy. HMS Dampier. Legal size cover from Singapore with dated docketing mark from Commanding Officer. Civilian stamps used. $3

62. Indonesia. Dutch soldier letter with meter marking from Batavia 707, Marine 560”, 11.02.47. Letter enclosed, from member of Marine Vliegkamp Morokrem Bangan. $6

63. UN. Rwanda. French forces. Groupement Interarmes au Rwanda. Aug 1994 BPM 614. Very clean philatelic cover. $3

64. US. Desert Storm. Pair of “Welcome Home” cacheted covers dated Jun 8, 1991, Washington DC. $4

65. US. Greece. 1945 (Dec). APO 403 return address, APO 624 postmark on cover. Given the sender’s apparently Greek last name, I suspect this man was detached from his unit in German and sent to Greece for his language skills. Scarcer postmark. $15


66. US. Kumamoto, Japan. APO 24-1. Jan 1, 1949. First day of 6¢ airmail rate. $5.

67. US. Korea. 1946 (Jun). APO 1054 return address and postmark on airmail postal stationery entire. Scarcer APO. $10


68. US. Ryukyu Islands. APO 245. Sep 4, 1945. With four 3¢ postage due stamps. 6¢ airmail envelope. $10


Thierry Delespesse Estate

The following covers are from the estate of Thierry Delespesse & their descriptions are his. (Unless otherwise noted by an *, the covers in this section are philatelic; nonphilatelic covers are $10; philatelic covers are $8.)

69. France. Operation Daguet cachet. Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Bureau postal Militarire 645. BPM 640B was renamed BPM 645 because its status was changed from a substation to a main APO. To Belgium, 25-3-1991. MI: FR 2819 with selvage & 2621.

70. France Operation Artimon. F. La Motte-Piquet, D 645, destroyer. Mailed from ship without its own post office, so it is canceled at 00300 Paris Naval, to Yuba City, CA, 29-1-1991. Mi: FR 2763 & 2179.

71. France. Operation Southern Breeze cachet. C.M. Orion, M 645, minesweeper. 00300 Paris Navel, to Toulouse, 7-6-1991. Mi: FR A1/2630.*

72. France. Operation Busiris. Bureau Postal Militarire 642, Abu Dhabi, UAE. To Yuba City, CA, 16-1-1991. MI: Fr 2734.

73. France. Operation Salamandre. “Mission Salamandre” was the name used by the French carrier group during its deployment to the Middle East. P.A. Clemenceau cancellation. The Clemenceau was only in the area for 2 months before going back to France. To Vigneulles, 22-9-1990. Mi: FR 2627.

74. France. Operation Meteil. Bureau Postal Militarire 646, Doha, Qatar. “12eme Escadre De Chasse” cachet. BPM 646 only opened for 3 months to support the small French Air Force in Qatar. To Givet, 29-4-1991. Mi: Fr A1/2630.

75. UNFICYP (UN Peace-Keeping Force in Cyprus). Denmark. Danish aerogram: Dancon UNFICYP 20-2-1982/Kobenhaven 22-2-82.*

76. UNFICYP. Austria. Camp Duke Leopold V. Famagusta cachet. UNFICYP Auscan a – 1501, 15.4.81-7. Mi: AT 1600.*



There are several boxes of material that represent accumulations of consignments that were donated to the MPHS. The following lots are some of this material. They are very generally described and are priced to sell.

77. US. Auxiliary markings. Fifty covers from WWII (mostly) to 1980 with various auxiliary markings, ie, Official Red Cross Communication (APO 713, Nov 4, 1944), Released by Authority of the District Postal Censor (Anchorage, Alaska Apr 8, 1942), W D Essential Official Air Mail (Portland, Oregon, Aug 24, 1944). $12

78. US. Ten covers with postage due stamps from Jul 17, 1942 (APO 875) to Jul 15, 1945 (APO 696). Includes APO 331 (Jun 27, 1945) with 80¢ postage due stamps on business reply envelope to Time, Honolulu. $10

79. US. Three covers with handwritten note indicating that the enclosed letter was written in a foreign language. APO 32, Jun 02, 1943 (Polish), APO 333, Feb 28, 1945 (German), and APO 357, Sep 29, 1945 (Okinawa). $10


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