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The Military Postal History Society Exhibit Award
(Presented for best-in-show military exhibit at WSP Shows)


The Military Postal History Society will award the best military postal history award with the following criteria:

  1. The exhibit must have a military theme as determined by the jury chairman.
  2. The exhibit may have 1-10 frames.
  3. The exhibit may be entered into any class exhibit as determined by the APS CAN\EJ, Committee on Accreditation of National Exhibitions and Judges, committee.
  4. There must be 3 exhibits pertaining to military postal history in the competition.
  5. The exhibit must have won a silver or higher award in the competition
  6. The award will be given at the awards banquet.
  7. An envelope will be given to the winner which will have a picture of the award. An addressed stamped envelope to the MPHS award chairman will be enclosed. The winner is to send the enclosed post card to the MPHS awards chairman. The award will be engraved and sent to the winner by return mail.

Past Winners

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Year Event Awardee Presentation Title Award Level
2008-2009 INDYPEX Al Kugel Postal History of the American Forces in China 1900-1941
2008-2009 MINNESOTA Jon Becker Conquest & British Administration of Palestine
2008-2009 APS STAMPSHOW Al Kugel Allied Occupation of the German Colonies 1914-1923
2008-2009 OMAHA Steve Henderson World war II Post Offices of the 8th Air Force in England
2008-2009 BALPEX Arnold Levin Russian Mute Cancels & Registration in World War I
2008-2009 AMERICOVER Steve Durst The Wernher von Braun Rocket Team in War & Peace
2008-2009 VAPEX Phil Rhoade The Murder of Lidice
2008-2009 SESCAL Giorgio Migliavacca Italian POWs in the U.S. During World War II
2008-2009 CHICAGOPEX Eliot Landau Lincoln, Slavery & the Civil War
2008-2009 SANDICAL Charles LeBlonde WWII Censorship of Danish Mail
2008-2009 ARIPEX Ralph H. Nafziger Soldier's Diary of WWI-North Russia Expedition
2008-2009 AMERISTAMP
Robert D. Rawlins Remembering the Maine (one frame)
2008-2009 ST. LOUIS EXPO Al Kugel Polish Forces in Exile and Following WWI
2008-2009 COLOPEX James C. Cate General Banks Division
2010-2011 BALPEX Henry Laessig Sanjak of Novi Pazar
2010-2011 SESCAL Louis Fiset Great Britain Interns Her Refugees
2010-2011 MILCOPEX No Winner
2010-2011 INDYPEX No Winner
2010-2011 CHICAGOPEX Louis Fiset US Internment Camp Mail in World War II
2010-2011 SANDICAL Frank M. Wiatr Fortress Krakau 1914-1918
2010-2011 COLOPEX Al Kugel Postal History of American Forces in China 1900-1941
2010-2011 APS AMERIPEX STAMP EXPO Dr. Edwin J. Andrews Paul Von Letton-Vorbeck: The Events and Times That Molded the Man
2010-2011 GARFIELD-PERRY MARCH PARTY Dr. Michael Dixon British Forces Air Mail Letter Cards and Air Letters Used In World War II
2010-2011 PHILA. NAT'L STAMP EXPO Richard S. Wilson British Forces In Egypt 1932-1936 the Postal Concession
2010-2011 WESTPEX Jack Thompson U.S.A. Postal Administration Cuba (1895-1905)
2010-2011 PLYMOUTH Ed Dubin Civilian and German & Austro-Hungarian POWs Interned in the US During WW I
2010-2011 NAPEX Ernest Bergman The Swiss Army: Its Duties, Services and Patriotice Support 1930-1945
2010-2011 MILCOPEX / AMERICAN TOPICAL Dr. Edwin J. Andrews Paul Von Letton-Vorbeck: The Events and Times That Molded the Man
2010-2011 MINNESOTA STAMP SHOW Earl Galitz Bulgaria In the First World War
2010-2011 AMERICOVER Phil Rhoade Czechoslovakia Overrun Nations Issue
2010-2011 APS STAMP SHOW Korean War Korean War
2014 APS Ameristamp Expo Michael Peter Swiss Volunteers in the German Military During World War II Vermiel
2014 ARIPEX David and Laurie Bernstein A Postal History of the German Battleship Bismark Vermiel
2014 BALPEX Patrick Pollock The Often Forgotten History of the Union Navy in the Civil War Gold
2014 CHICAGOPEX Slawomir Chabros Correspondence of Polish Legions 1914-1917 Gold
2014 Filatelic Fiesta Dr. Akthem Al-Manaseer The Forgotten War - IEF'D' and the War in Mesopotamia 1914-1918 Gold
2014 FLOREX Robert Hisey Rise and Fall of French African Air Routes WW II Gold
2014 Garfield-Perry March Party Daniel Knowles The Confederate States of America (CSA) Postal Initiative Gold
2014 MILCOPEX Jerry Miller German Intervention in China Gold
2014 NAPEX Al Kugel Allied Occupation of the Former German Colonies, 1914-1922 Gold
2014 NOJEX Jaroslav Verner Czechoslovak Legions in France, Italy, & Slovakia Vermiel
2014 Omaha Stamp Show Phil Miller German Afrika Korps, During WW II Gold
2014 Philadelphia National Stamp Exhibition Richard Wilson Egypt - Postmarks Found on the Army Post Stamps - 1936-1941 Gold
2014 PIPEX Louis Fiset Censored, Rerouted, Suspended, Resumed: U. S. International Mail in World War II Gold
2014 WESPEX Alexander Kolchinsky The Mail of the Leningrad Blockade Vermeil
2015 APS Ameristamp Expo Bob Rawlins USS Oregon, Bulldog of the Fleet Gold
2015 ARIPEX Joseph Bock Usages by U.S. Allies during WWII Using U.S. Military Airmail Silver
2015 BALPEX David and Laurie Bernstein A Postal History of the German Battleship Bismark Vermeil
2015 COLOPEX James Cate Confederate Military Mail-Chattanooga 1862-64 Grand - Gold
2015 INDYPEX Al Kugel Postal History of the American Forces in China 1900-1941 Gold
2015 MILCOPEX Jaroslav Verner Mail of the Czechoslovak Legions and Organizations in Russia 1914-1920 Gold
2015 NAPEX Ann Lowfyle British WWII Prisoner of War Stationery Gold
2015 NOJEX Henry Nogid The Four Siege Cities of 1948: Rishon Le Zion, Safad, Nahariya, Jerusalem Gold
2015 Omaha Stamp Show Steve Henderson They Were Soldiers Once, Vietnam War Postal History Vermiel
2015 Philatelic Show Richard Wilson Egypt - Postmarks Found on the Army Post Stamps - 1936-1941 Gold
2015 PIPEX Al Kugel The Allied Intervention in Russia 1918-1925 Gold
2015 SEAPEX Kathryn Johnson America's Victory Mail World War II V-Mail 1942-1945 Gold
2015 Southeastern Stamp Expo Robert Rentsch German POW in Japan 1914-1920 Gold
2016 APS Ameristamp Expo David Zemer World War I Censorship of Mail in the Canal Zone Gold
2016 ARIPEX Louis Fiset 1871 Commune of Paris Prisoners' Mail Gold / Single Frame Grand
2016 Garfield-Perry March Party James Cate Chattanooga 'Straight-Line' Cancellations: Union Army Provisional Field Cancellations 1863-1864 Gold
2016 SANDICAL Charles LaBlonde WW II German and Italian Sailor's Mail from Goa to the Geneva Red Cross Vermeil
2016 Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition Robert Hisey Rise & Fall of French Africa Air Routes of WW Gold / Grand
2016 WESTPEX Roy Teixeira U.S. Naval Base 13 Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores Gold
2016 Rocky Mountain Stamp Show Dr. Michael Dixon British WWII Prisoner of War Air Mail Stationery Reserve Grand
2016 OKPEX Sergio Lupo Morale Maintenance Work in WWI by U.S. Service Organizations Gold
2016 APS Stampshow Janet Klug British Empire Anti-Communist Actions in the Jungles of Malaya, 1948-1960 Gold
2016 SEAPEX Michael Dixon British WWII Prisoner-of-War Air Mail Stationary Grand - Gold
2016 INDYPEX Al Kugel Allied Occupation of the former German Colonies 1914-1922 Gold
2016 Filatelic Fiesta H. James Maxwell China's U.S. Constitution Commemoritives - Through-the-Line Usages Gold
2016 CHICAGOPEX Jerzy Kupiec-Weglenski Flown Mail of the Siege of Przemysl (1914-1915) Gold
2017 SANDICAL Mel Dick The Postmarks and Cachets of the USS Lexington 1928-1942
2017 TEXPEX Dr Michael Dixon Boar War POW Camps in Ceylon 1900-1902 Gold
2017 Garfield-Perry March Party Daniel Telep Vietnam's Communist Insurgent Military Mail 1959-1975 Gold
2017 St Louis Stamp Expo Michael Peter Swiss Volunteers During World War II
2017 Filatelic Fiesta H. James Maxwell China's U.S. Constitution Commemoratives: Through-the-Line Usages Gold
2017 Westpex Armando Grassi A Postal Historian Study of the Crimean War Large Gold
2021 BALPEX Eric Knapp Alaska at War: World War II and Western Canada  
2021 BALPEX Steven Berlin Mail Robbery in Military Conflicts 1745-1945
(Also Theo Van Dam MPHS Grand Award)
2023 Rocky Mountain Stamp Show Phil Miller Foreign Volunteers in the German Military During WWII Gold
2023 Westpex Steven Walske Le Debacle: Postal History of the 1870 Franco-Prussian War Large Gold

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