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Recipients of the Theo Van Dam Grand Award of The Military Postal History Society

This page contains a listing of the recipients of the Theo Van Dam Grand Award of The Military Postal History Society.

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Year Event Awardee Presentation Title
2011 CHICAGOPEX Janet Klug The Australian Occupation of Japan, 1946-1952
2010 St. Louis Stamp Expo Harold E. Peter Fieldpost Schleswig-Holstein/Denmark Wars 1848-51 & 1852 Occupation; 1864 War and 1865-66 Occupation
2009 NOJEX Janet Klug Terror in the Jungle: Counter-Insurgency during the Malaya Emergency
2008 ROMPEX Thomas W. Broadhead Balloon Post Cards of the Franco-German War 1870-1871
2007 INDYPEX Jonathan Becker The Conquest and British Military Administration of Palestine and (Greater) Syria 1914-1920
2005 BOXBOROUGH Al Kugel British Empire Intervention in Central Powers: WW I and its Aftermath
2004 CHICAGOPEX Mark Banchik United States Iintervention in Mexico 1846-1848
2003 WESTPEX Al Kugel Austro-Hungarian Forces in World War I
2002 TEXPEX Al Kugel American Intervention in the Caribbean 1906-1934
2001 NAPEX Al Kugel Postal History of the American Forces in China 1900-1941
2000 SANDICAL George Cosentini V-Mail
1999 VAPEX Galen Harrison Prisoners Mail from the American Civil War (also show grand)
1998 ROMPEX Stan Luft France Military Campaigns 1823-1897
1997 CHICAGOPEX Stan Jersey New Hebrides Islands, WW II
1996 COLOPEX Stan Jersey British Solomon Islands: The War Years 1942-1945 (also show reserve grand)
1995 VAPEX Jesse Boehret German POW Mail, Camps in Japan 1914-20 (also show reserve grand)
1994 WESTPEX Al Kugel TheAmerican Intervention in Russia (also show grand)
1993 NOJEX Diane Boehret German Military Mission in Turkey WWI (also show reserve grand)
1992 BALPEX Joe Taylor Allied Intervention in Russia

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