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US 19th Century Conflicts

August 9

Cincinnati, Ohio is addressed to the Paymaster on a U.S. ship at Norfolk VA, which was in federal hands during the war.

November 13

Richmond, VA to Capt. 2nd Irish Bn. and Passed by the Provost Marshall ANVa (Army of Northern Virginia).

The Irish Battalion itself was assigned as the Provost Guard for the ANV Dec 1863 through Apr 1965.

"The Irish Battalion" was the nickname of the Virginia 1st Infantry Battalion Provisional also known as the 1st Battalion Virginia Regulars.

The first commander was Major John Munford.
David B. Bridgeford became Major 11 Oct 1862.
Bridgeford led an interesting life being the son of a British Officer
who later became Lt. Governor of Upper Canada. Bridgeford was the
Provost Marshall for the 2nd Corps (Jackson's Corps) and later for the entire ANV.
After the war, Bridgford was involed in a revolt in Cuba. He died in 1904.

Information courtesy of John Kimbrough, Confederate Stamp Alliance.

June 8

New York to Fort Warren, Mass.

Cover to Confederate Major General held in Boston harbor Fort Warren that was converted in to a prison.

General held approximately 3 months.

Franked with ??

This cover is to a Lt. in South Carolina with 54 Mass (Colored).

This group became better known by the movie Glory which tells their story.

Colored is the term of that to me although when I was young we still used that phrase.

The C in NAACP stands for Colored.

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