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1834 White Feather Swedish Soldiers Letter, Featured Covers -- Item #3

[1834 Swedish Military Cover]

1834 Swedish White Feather Soldiers Letter

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This 1834 Swedish military cover has several interesting attributes.

1) It is a feather letter with a white feather attached using a wax seal, meaning the postman had to deliver the letter urgently, i.e., as an express letter.

2) It is known as "Soldat's mail" or Soldier's Mail.

3) It was sent 14 December 1834 and is marked "Special Regimental Orders."

4) It bears a "meander" which is a transformation of the original depiction of three crowns, indicating Crown Post. The Crown Post operated in Sweden from the 18th century until 1873.

5) It bears delivery instructions, which read:

Forward without delay by 3rd Major Company postman to No. 33 Dahl at 2nd Major Company whom it will be incumbent upon to forward speedily further. Leaving 1 o'clock p.m. 14 December 1834

Note date notation: [18 14/12 34].

The cover is addressed to Lieutenant Colonel of the 2nd Major Company in Uppsala. Because this is the outer cover and the original contents of the letter are not present, the sender and point of origin are unknown.

In the days before telephone, telegraph, and fax, this was about as fast as you could convey a message.

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