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1945 WWII Expeditionary Force Message, Featured Covers -- Item #6

[1945 Expeditionary Force Message]

1945 Expeditionary Force Message

This is our sixth (and currently last) featured cover on our web site and we ask you to send us your information and comments on this cover to help others understand it better.

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WWII Expeditionary Force Message (E.F.M.) telegram receipt used by US forces in France.

The messages were transmitted via the French PT ( Postes, Télégraphes, Téléphones) and the fee was paid with a French stamp, usually a 25F Château de Chenonceaux which was printed specifically for E.F.M.

This document is postmarked US ARMY POSTAL SERVICE APO 516 – 1 MAR 1945. This APO was located in Rouen, France. The message was controlled by censor and the receipt received the censor marks, in this case two of them. The E.F.M. was then transmitted to Paris and bears a date stamp CENTRAL-RADIO - PARIS – 7-3-45.

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