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1944 APO cover and V-mail

Mailed from Italy, 6 cent stamped air mail envelope plus 5 and 10 Lire AMG stamps tied by APO 782 MAY 4 1944 cacl. Unit censor. APO 782 was located in Naples, the headquarters.

Plus processed V-Mail APR 16 1944 "I looked into Invasion stamp business but there are none for sale here....".

Comments Received

Tony Brooks wrote: "The 2 Italian area AMG stamps were not required on the airmail letter going through the US Army APO mailing service. They were used to decorate the cover and are typical of the covers one finds from the 1944-1945 time period from Italy sent by US servicemen to the US. Otherwise, the cover meets all of the requirements of an overseas airmail letter from an APO to the US."

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