Military-Related Holiday Cards and Paper Ephemera of World War I (Compiled by the Military Postal History Society - MPHS)

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This page contains a collection of First World War holiday-related cards, including those sent by military men in the field. This collection was compiled by Society members Bob Swanson and Sergio Lugo from images donated by the generous people listed below.

You may view individual cards by clicking on the more than 600 thumbnail images below. As more items are submitted to the MPHS, they will be added to this growing database.

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Additional Military-Themed Holiday Cards

During the research for this website, we found some additional websites that offer images of military-themed holiday cards. Please go to a list of additional websites with military-themed holiday cards.

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Donors to the project have included:

  • Otto Bloedow
  • Gregory Ciesielski
  • Nicholas Crouch
  • Cary Finder
  • David Kent
  • Alfred Kugel
  • Alan Lauer
  • Sergio Lugo
  • Dann Mayo
  • Konrad Meyer
  • Bob Swanson
  • Hal Vogel
  • Dasa Metzler
  • Pat McNally
  • Peter Roberts
  • J. Verner
  • Harold Krische

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Individual Cards

Stagecoach and Christmas Easter house with flap Mothers Association Christmas Pink Flowers AEF Siberia Gold Star Card Christmas Allied Flags Easter bell New Year hearts and flowers Gold Star Christmas Women's Canadian Club German POWs in Australia Naval Card Easter Easter house with flap Snow Scene; Christmas Greetings (Tucks) Bugler Hut 27, Camp Devens New Year farm house with flap Christmas  Garland and Cones YMCA Greetings with 1918  Calendar KofC Christmas Greetings Soldiers in Barracks with American and French Flags Christmas Purple Flower with flap ChristmasThree Roses with Flap Easter Bunny  KofC Hand Painted Soldier and Nurse  Before Christmas Tree Dearest Mother Poem Memories of Army of occupation New Year field with 1918 and with flap Lamp and Merry Christmas New Year wreath of flowers Camp Devens Hospital, Holiday Greeting Added New Year pot of flowers Camp Dix Christmas Card; Soldier in Barracks 4th of July Parade American Red Cross Mothers Day  Le Mans Christmas banner with flap Joyeaux  Noel; 145th Field Artillery Christmas card flagpole Christmas Sailing Ship Christmas Message Flag and Wreath Easter orchid Christmas - Wanna Fight Soldier in prayer AEF Siberia Marching Troops Easter rabbit and eggs Easter horseshoe Easter allied egg Christmas house with flap Mothers Day Poem Soldier and Christmas Wreath Reclining Soldiers and Xmas Tree Different Verse Christmas Walkway Scene New Year British flag and cornucopia Base Hospital #15, AEF, Printed Greeting Czech Legion in Siberia Pig Sled Engineers Christmas Greeting Cheering Children Austrian Egg and Cross on Bough Christmas Card with Joan of Arc and Abe Lincoln Christmas Two Birds on Fence New Year Red Stripes with flap Joyeaux Noel and Bonnee Annee; US and French Flags Winged U.S. Man Dragging a Sleigh Christmas Poem Easter british and french flag with flap Easter two chicks with flap Christmas Two Birds and Basket Christmas multi colored flowers with flap New Year two roses July 4, 1918 AEF Parade in Paris Cross in Egg Austrian Soldier Defending area Austrian Warrior on Horse Four Flags in Wreath Weihnachts-Grusse New Year rose bouquet with flap Easter Ship Flags Camp MacArthur, Waco, Texas, Postcard Printed  Holiday Greetings Newspaper War Extra Austrian Crown Prince Karl in Wreath Feldweinacht; German Soldiers with Christmas Tree Christmas Multicolored bird with flap New Year House and Flower with flap New Year Pink Flower  with flap Soldier and Three Wise Men Austrian Soldier and Child Air Service XMAS Card 1918 Christmas Winter Scene with church Easter Chick German - Austrian Soldiers Shaking Hands Christmas Greetings from the US Army on the Rhine Easter Allied Flags Briton in Belgium Christmas flower basket Christmas Blue Bird with Flap New Year purple flowers with flap Christmas -  Santa Claus flying bi-plane Happy New Year Card and view of Ypres Forest Canadian Maple Leaf Canadian Maple Leaf Germany Personified Easter Bunny Propaganda KofC President Wilson and King Albert Easter Bouquet Youngster and Pig KofC Canadian Soldier Greeting Christmas Purple Flowers acorn with Flap Christmas Wreath and US flags Canada Christmas Buck in Snowy Forest Barb Wire with Gifts and Rifleman Soldier Boy Kisses Girl KofC Christmas Greetings card Reclining Soldiers and Xmas Tree Prone Soldier Czech Child with pig sled Avenue du President Wilson Eagle on AMG Christmas Christmas and British Flag Christmas Multi colored flowers with flap New Year purple flowers with flap Christmas Overseas 1918; Soldiers Opening American Red Cross Gift Bag Soldier and Rifle Woman and Red Cross in Cameo Austrian Macine Gunners Easter two birds with flap Christmas 1914 and German soldiers celebrating Two Soldiers on Rhine 4th of July Belgium July 4 Soldier in snow at Camp Upton Christmas Message Railroad and Greeting Platform Christmas Tree Bough Austrian Battle Fleet in Cameo Christmas Greetings with Union Jack and American Flag AEF Siberia Trees Soldiers Celebrating the Fourth Easter flower basket with flap Christmas GB Banner with flap New Year cornucopia with flap Canada Christmas Candle Knights of Columbus French Greeting Hand Painted Greetings; Girl and Holly Bush Liberty, Fraternity, Equality; AEF Merry Christmas and Happy New Year On the Rhine July 4th Independence Day Christmas Purple Yellow Flowers with Flap Joan of Arc  YMCA Card Poilu and Yank with French and American Flags (4th of July Written In) Angel Over Trench Greetings Soldiers Decorting Christmas Trees Austrian Flag and Soldiers in Wreath 122nd Infantry Regiment cover christmas card Christmas - Winter Scene Army of Occupation Christmas Greetings -- Haig and Pershing Base Hospital #18 AEF Christmas Card JWB Hanukah Card Bells and Flags Austrian Emperior Franz Joseph in Wreath Austrian Cannoneers Four Alliance Flags Easter duck Noel 1917; Soldiers Looking at Bethlehem Star Army of the Black Sea Ottoman Santa Claus Bit of Cheer Calendar with Soldier and German Prisoners Chick at foot of broken Austrian flag egg Four Soldiers in Snow Covered Terrain Christmas Card  envelope Prosperous New Year; Bitburg, Germany KofC AEF Card Soldiers on Field Telephones Easter Crucifix Christmas Card 15th Engineers Christmas Tree Bough in Circle AFG Government Eagle Austrian Stag Head Medal on Bough Christmas town Our New Year's Wish Christmas - Soldier and Girl reading book same as # 20 dk Easter Lilys Austrian Pilot in Wreath YMCA 1917, Christmas Greetings Poem Card Soldiers and Map Bitburg Germany New Year Chick at foot of country flag eggs 122nd Infantry Regiment cover USS Georgia Christmas Card A Merry Christmas with Warship and American Flag Easter 79th Division AEF Siberia Xmas Menu and Roster USS Arkansas  Christmas Greetings Christmas Creche Christmas card greeting card US Navy ensign Christmas Card 15th Engineers New Years - Artillery Great Britain Merry Christmas Card Santa Locomotive Mail Parisian Statue Strausburg July 4 Our New Year's Wish Soldier and Christmas lyric Soldier and Wreath Hearty Christmas Greeting US Army ordnance Ships in Convoy Christmas Greetings from France 1918 USS Chicago Christmas Somewhere in France Sailor and Battleships Merry Christmas; Soldier and Girl Merry Christmas; American Airplane Flying in Snowstorm Snow Covered village Arch de Triump 1918 Statue of Liberty and French and American Flag Merry Christmas Card Christmas - ships at sea same as # 1 sl 1st Infantry Division USS Chicago Statue of Liberty and French and American Flag Christmas Winter Scene; Somewhere in France Medallion and French and American Flags 99th Infantry Brigade Snow Covered village Delville Wood Artillery Bombardment 1st Infantry Division Christmas fold out flag with 3 flags Telegram  Christmas Infantry Insignia and Crest 47th Infantry Regiment 79th Division, General Kuhn Greeting Insert 1st Infantry Division Soldier Giving Doll to Girl Girl Trying on Soldier's Hat Tank and Poetry U.S. Flag and Wreath Easter  AEF Shield same as # 355 ak 7th Engineers, Children with Santa Doll Christmas Two children holding onto Santa doll same as # 149 ak AEF Patriotic Christmas Card AEF Printed Greeting 79th Division; Christmas 1918 Flyer Christmas Soldier with flag and child same as # 12 sl Old Man Winter in Uniform, Chasing Germans XMAS YMCA Church Christmas  - Old Man Winter Chasing German same as # 7 sl JWB Greeting Printed on French Postcard Statue of Liberty an Wreath of Flags AEF Crest and Eagle  - similar to others,  set? Tank xmas AEF Crest and Eagle Welcome Home Merry Christmas Large Christmas Card Paris Eiffel Tower AEF Eagle Victory Ambulance Farmers Wife Flowers Tied in Germany Colors Soldiers and Campfire USS Great Northern Christmas Card Naval Academy  Very Large Card Finish the Germans Christmas - 105th Machinge Gun Battalion Peace at Last 4th of July Christmas Tree American Seal of Victory Parisian Statue July 4 YMCA 1919, Watch on the Rhine (Decorated House) Soldier with Red Cross Package Easter purple flowers Rabbit Child with Christmas Gift Soldier Waving at Trench Soldier Romancing Girl Soldier Writing Christmas Tree Czech Legion Devil Capturing German Kaiser Angel and Calvary Officer Soldier and Child With Christmas Tree Soldier and Child with Christmas Gifts Soldier with Two Piglets Austrian Soldier with country flag eggs Soldiers Warming Up Wine or Cider Daddy Soldier and Two Children Le Mans Street Scene New Year Soldier Finish Johnny Salonika Soldier and Pig Man Dragging A Christmas Tree Easter Rabbit Christmas red rose Canada POW Camp Huts Two Couching Soldiers Calvary Officer New Year 1916 Peace Angel and Crucifix Easter Bunny with Colountry Flag Eggs Calvary Officer and Angel Soldier Writing Home German Soldiers with Christmas Tree in Trench Soldier on  Skis with Tree Field Artillery School, APO 779; Merry Christmas Soldiers around campfire Hand Painted French and American Flags Santa in Uniform with  Gifts Red Cross Two Cameos and Flags Turkey white New Year soldiers in snow Japan Bando Camp Accordian Player Christmas Soldier and Firecrackers 4th of July War Mothers of America (Maryland) Soldier Standing Watch on New Year's Eve Chicken on Austrian flag egg Mother and Child (Tucks) Mothers Day Soldier Writing by Candlelight Cannon Soldier and Shooting Star Soldier with Gifts for French Children Alliance Powers Adrift At Sea Angels, Santa, and Soldiers St. Patricks Day Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht; German Soldiers Singing with Christmas Tree in Trench Bell & Fir Tree Branches Christmas blue bird in center Austrian Soldier Standing at Austrian Milepost Thanksgiving Kneeling Soldiers Two rabbits on country flag eggs Weinachten 1917, German Soldiers, Christmas Tree, and Angel Czech Legion Christmas Card If we don't get over in time to greet you Greetings from Italy, 1918, British Trench Mortar Batteries Christmas Sun's Rays German Red Cross, Delivering Parcels to Troops Soldier Silhouette 4th of July Chick on country flag eggs Chick on Country Flag eggs Czech Language Four Soldiers Card Woman and Cross in Shield Caroling Children Three soldiers encircling the globe Coblenz on the Rhine Greetings Easter harp late use Sailor at Sea  Germany Soldier Writing Home Ornate Christmas Card with Holly Soldier Writing by Candle Light Soldiers Receivin Jan. 1st messenger Bird Christmas Church and Sun Forest Scene and Deer Christmas British Flag in Round Christmas flower basket New Year vase of large rose Canada Christmas Tree One Cameo and Flags Fatherless Children of France; Child at Fireplace Chickens on Easel Tripod Austro-Hungarian Soldier and Child Easter broken egg Christmas leaf in center Soldier and Easter Angel Chickens on Easel Tripod Happy Christmas; Soldier and Flag Austrian Soldiers with Easter Animals Soldier New Years Toast Salvation Army, Christmas 1918; General Evangeline Booth Jewish Welcome to New Year Turkey grey Easter and Kids Army of the Black Sea British Three Soldiers and Decorated Eggs Footbridge Over Creek German Flag Christmas Card; First Brigade, Coast Artillery AEF Caroling Children White Night Poetry 'New Chivalry' (Poem), Camp MacArthur Maze of Country Flag Colored Eggs Rabbit on Austrian logo egg Christmas - Signal Corp Signal man Church Steeple Rabbit at foot of country flag eggs Rabbit on Basket of Country Flag Eggs New Year vase of purple flowers flap German POW Card Germany Flags Christmas Creche Scene Newspaper Boy Snowy Trees Germany Pentecost Greetings Christmas cat tails Three Soldiers Around Cooking Stove Chickens on Easel Tripod Soldier Dreaming of Girl Chickens on Easel Tripod Christmas Card West Point Greetings Austrian Crest, Flag and Christmas Tree Sweetheart Picture; A Happy Christmas Soldier and Home Scene Wounded Soldier and Flowers 11th Engineers Thanksgiving multi colored turkey Rembrances 1918 Turkey thanksgiving US flag New Year general hospital card

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