Military Holiday Cards, With Unknown Year
Presented by the Military Postal History Society

11th Engineers -- A Merry Christmas with Warship and American Flag -- AEF Crest and Eagle - similar to others, set? -- American Red Cross -- Angel and Crucifix -- Calendar with Soldier and German Prisoners -- Canadian Maple Leaf -- Cannon -- Christmas Garland and Cones -- Christmas - Santa Claus flying bi-plane -- Christmas - Soldier and Girl reading book same as # 20 dk -- Christmas - Wanna Fight -- Christmas 1914 and German soldiers celebrating -- Christmas Allied Flags -- Christmas Blue Bird with Flap -- Christmas British Flag in Round -- Christmas Church and Sun -- Christmas GB Banner with flap -- Christmas Greetings with Union Jack and American Flag -- Christmas Multi colored flowers with flap -- Christmas Multicolored bird with flap -- Christmas Purple Flowers acorn with Flap -- Christmas Purple Yellow Flowers with Flap -- Christmas Sailing Ship -- Christmas Somewhere in France -- Christmas Sun's Rays -- Christmas Tree -- Christmas Two Birds and Basket -- Christmas Two Birds on Fence -- Christmas Winter Scene with church -- Christmas Wreath and US flags -- Christmas banner with flap -- Christmas blue bird in center -- Christmas cat tails -- Christmas flower basket -- Christmas fold out flag with 3 flags -- Christmas house with flap -- Christmas leaf in center -- Christmas multi colored flowers with flap -- Christmas red rose -- Christmas town -- ChristmasThree Roses with Flap -- Church Steeple -- Easter Crucifix -- Easter allied egg -- Easter bell -- Easter british and french flag with flap -- Easter broken egg -- Easter duck -- Easter harp late use -- Easter horseshoe -- Easter house with flap -- Easter orchid -- Easter purple flowers -- Easter rabbit and eggs -- Easter two birds with flap -- Farmers Wife -- Fatherless Children of France; Child at Fireplace -- Footbridge Over Creek -- Four Flags in Wreath -- German POW Card -- German Red Cross, Delivering Parcels to Troops -- Germany Flags -- Gold Star Christmas -- Happy New Year Card and view of Ypres Forest -- Hearty Christmas Greeting US Army ordnance -- If we don't get over in time to greet you -- Infantry Insignia and Crest 47th Infantry Regiment -- JWB Hanukah Card -- Joan of Arc YMCA Card -- Knights of Columbus French Greeting -- KofC Christmas Greetings card -- Man Dragging A Christmas Tree -- Mother and Child (Tucks) -- Mothers Association -- New Year British flag and cornucopia -- New Year House and Flower with flap -- New Year Pink Flower with flap -- New Year Red Stripes with flap -- New Year Soldier -- New Year cornucopia with flap -- New Year farm house with flap -- New Year hearts and flowers -- New Year pot of flowers -- New Year purple flowers with flap -- New Year rose bouquet with flap -- New Year soldiers in snow -- New Year two roses -- New Year vase of large rose -- New Year vase of purple flowers flap -- New Year wreath of flowers -- New Years - Artillery Great Britain -- Old Man Winter in Uniform, Chasing Germans -- One Cameo and Flags -- Santa Locomotive Mail -- Snowy Trees -- Soldier Writing by Candlelight -- Soldier and Christmas lyric -- Soldier and Rifle -- Soldier and Shooting Star -- Soldier in prayer -- Soldier on Skis with Tree -- Soldier with Gifts for French Children -- Soldiers and Map -- Soldiers around campfire -- Soldiers in Barracks with American and French Flags -- St. Patricks Day -- Tank xmas -- Thanksgiving -- Thanksgiving multi colored turkey -- Three Soldiers Around Cooking Stove -- Turkey white -- Two Cameos and Flags -- War Mothers of America (Maryland) -- Welcome Home Merry Christmas -- XMAS YMCA Church -- YMCA 1917, Christmas Greetings Poem Card --

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