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Napex 2001 Meeting, Military Postal History Society

Kugel Wins MPHS Grand Award at NAPEX

Al Kugel won the Military Postal History Society Theo Van Dam Grand Award at the annual convention held at NAPEX in Tysons Corner, Va., for his exhibit of "Postal History of the American Forces in China 1900-1941." He also received a gold and the APS research medal.

napex award

President Jim Boyden presenting award to Al.

Other Awards at NAPEX

The MPHS Reserve Grand Award went to Richard S. Wilson along with a gold for his "The British Army in Egypt and Sudan 1882-1900." Another gold was won by Weston D. Burnett, along with the International Philippines Philatelic Society Eugene A. Garrett award and the American Philatelic Congress award for "U.S. Postal Service in the Philippines 1898-1902: Early Beginnings, Military Stations, and Issues."

Vermeil awards went to Regis Hoffman for "Allied Forces in East Africa, World War I," to Robert Kinsley for "The Annam-Tonkin Expeditionary Corps," and to Michael D. Dixon for "British Forces Air Mail Letter cards and Air Letters used in World War II." Dixon also received the APS 1940-1980 medal of excellence.

Silver-bronze awards were won by Michael E. Falls for "Allied Military Mail in Iceland During WW II," and by Battista G. Trovero for "The Italian Royal Navy in the Far East 1939-1946."

In the single frame category, Paul M. Benson received a vermeil along with the Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa award for "Anglo-Boer War: British Camps for Boer Prisoners of War and Refugees." Greg Pirozzi won the best display class award along with a gold for "The Holy See and Communications During WW II: A Survey."

napex award

American Philatelic Society President, Dr. Peter McCann, presenting APS research medal to Al Kugel

Additional Items

Earlier in the day at the MPHS board of directors meeting, it was decided to honor the memory of the late Theo Van Dam by naming the grand award in his name. Al Kugel was the first recipient of the newly named award.

table at napex

Show table being staffed by Vice President Myron Fox and Secretary Bob Kinsley

dinner at napex

From left to right at Banquet Myron Fox, Jim Boyden, and Al Kugel

dinner at napex

From left to right Diane and Jesse Boehret, Gloria and Myron Fox, and Jim Boyden

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