Information for Members Who Wish to Renew or Reinstate Their Membership in the MPHS for Calendar Year 2022
American Philatelic Society Unit #19 (Founded 1937)

Wish to beome a new member? Please refer to the Military Postal History Society Membership Page

For renewing members, please see below:


For most of us it is dues renewal time for the upcoming year 2022.

Dues amounts for 2022 are:

Type Printed + Digital to US Canada & Mexico Other Digital Only (All)

NOTE: There is no $1.50 PayPal surcharge this year.

Please consider becoming a Sustaining or Patron member to provide additional support for the MPHS’s projects, further website development and publication work. Supporting contributions will be acknowledged annually in the Society Bulletin unless requested otherwise.

Checks: make payable to MPHS, please.

Payment via PayPal ( can be made. These should be directed to the Military Postal History Society PayPal e-mail address: . Instructions for how to use PayPal, if required, are on this webpage.

NOTE: Do NOT use the above address for sending email. It is to be used only for PayPal payments!

If you wish to mail in your membership renewal, you may print this web page and fill in the following fields:

Member Name:______________________________

Please note any changes in mailing or e-mail address →

Amount paid_________________ By [ ] PayPal [ ] Check For Calendar Year____________

Please provide the information required above and send completed form to our Treasurer at:, or by post to

Dann Mayo
Treasurer, Military Postal History Society
P.O. Box 6401
D’Iberville, MS 39540

Special Note to Life Members (LM). Your dues are paid, so we are not asking for money (though if you wish to make a voluntary contribution, these are always welcome). However, we do need something from many of you. Long ago it was assumed that, since all Life Members receive paper Bulletins, we did not need, and therefore we did not record, your e-mail address. But today MPHS announcements are sent by e-mail so we do need that. Please send to

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