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To recap, the four distinct periods of stamp usages during Vichy consisted of: (1) Use of Third Republic stamps, (2) Use of Vichy stamps, (3) Use of Vichy and Third Republic stamps during the Giraud anti-German administration, and (4) use of Vichy and Third Republic stamps after the takeover by the Free French.

Identifying the timely uses of these stamps depends solely on determining the date of the switch of fealty from Vichy France.

The interaction between those dates and locating distinct period covers hampers finding of such covers since most sources are unaware of these distinctions. Added to this is the fact that many clearly Vichy issues have disappeared from the market-place long ago – collected by enthusiasts seeking to preserve the postal history of the short lived Vichy regime.

This is particularly the case with lesser known French possessions - French India and Kouang Tcheou come to mind. Surprisingly, French Indochina also fits in this category – as virtually no 1941 – 1945 covers have ever been observed in the past decade of collecting its postal history. Perhaps, this is a direct consequence of the three decade long war fought by the French and the U.S. in Vietnam.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation on a little known modern postal history subject. Should any such covers come your way, please do not hesitate in contacting me at lugopspeWses33hKNW@qhh8jkii99iM8uFp9.comQZ7sew3334ggWbQL