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The Postal History of the AEF, 1917 - 1923, Second edition

edited by Theo Van Dam

  • Chapter 1. The AEF in Western Europe and the United States by Theo Van Dam
  • Chapter 2. The Postal Markings of the AEF by Theo Van Dam
  • Chapter 3. AEF Prisoners of War Mail by Richard W. Sackett
  • Chapter 4. The "800" AEF Postmarks, a mystery partly solved by Richard W. Sackett
  • Chapter 5. APO No 901, Milan, Italy by Richard W. Sackett
  • Chapter 6. APO 975 and European Officers Courier Services by Kurt A. Sanftleben
  • Chapter 7. American Red Cross in WWI and Army Medical Department Overseas by James Felton
  • Chapter 8. Patriotics used by members of the AEF by Jack Elder
  • Chapter 9. The Marines by James H. Sorenson
  • Chapter 10. Postal Censorship during WWI by John Hardies & Wilfred N. Broderick
  • Chapter 11. Military and Naval Aviation 1917 - 1919 by James N. Boyden
  • Chapter 12. Occupation of the Rhineland 1918 - 1923 by James N. Boyden & Richard H. Imus
  • Chapter 13. The North Russian Campaign 1918 - 1919 C.D. Brenner & Joseph Taylor
  • Chapter 14. A classification system for Siberian AEF covers by David R Opperman & Alfred F. Kugel
  • Bibliography by David R. Opperman
  • Valuation Guide by Richard W. Sackett & Theo Van Dam

A handbook compiled by the World War I AEF Study Group of the War Cover Club

This is again available but in a new binding. It covers APO's in Europe, Courier Service, POWs, Red Cross, Rhineland occupation, censorship, North Russia and Siberian campaigns. The book is spiral bound with a hard clear plastic cover, 265 pages with illustrations.

Updates Available

The following updates are available:

  • Update I - Postal History of the AEF
  • Spiral bound with a hard plastic cover (66 pages)
  • Update II - Postal History of the AEF
  • Spiral bound with a hard plastic cover (168 pages)

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