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World War II U.S. Censor Enclosure Slips and Return-to-Sender Labels

by Russ Carter

ISBN: 0-9770649-8-0

This book covers both the military and civil censor return-to-sender labels used to send mail back to the originator but also those slips that were enclosed to tell the originator why the mail was being returned to them.

There are more that 360 slips and labels illustrated plus more than 20 additional items identified through Archive records. Many of these items have information as to how they were to be used that was pulled out of censor manuals. Many have dates as to when they began and when they were taken out of service. Additionally there are 14 figures illustrating use and other information. There are also charts cross referencing them by different topics and by the different organizations that produced or used them.

There are 87 numbered pages and 360 illustrations and the book is available as a printed book and a CD version in PDF format.

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