Military Postal History Society Bulletin Index 1937-2004 (now superseded)

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NOTE: A new master index of all Bulletins from 1937 to 2022 has been created by MPHS member Russ Carter. Please refer to that document when searching for back issues.

This older document is an index of all issues of the Bulletin of the Military Postal History Society, from 1937 to 2004; the index includes issues of the predecessor newsletters, which operated under different names.

It is probably best to search through this index using the 'find' capability of your browser. Links are provided below for each iteration of the Bulletin. For instance, the first heading below is for the War Cover Philatelist, the newsletter of the original War Cover Club.


AEF Army Post Offices (earliest/latest use):  
Postmark Types A1 - 3 Sep-38
A5 - 7 Jan-39
A13, 15 Sep-39
A17 - 19 Dec-39
A21, 23 - 25 Mar-40
A28A - 32 Jun-40
A33 - 6 and betw ASS / A110 Dec-41
A41 Sep, Dec 40
A42, 43, 46, 47 Mar-41
AS1, 52 Jun, Sep 41
AEF Blue "Honor" Envelopes Sep-39
AEF Brigaded With the British Feb-38
AEF North Russia, Postmarks & Censor Marks of Jan-39
AEF Postmark, Latest Use of May-39
AEF Siberia, Postmarks & Censor Marks of Nov-39
Censoring Foreign Mail Feb-38
Check List of Camps & Forts in US Jan, Feb 38
Christmas Package Coupon Jan-41
Corner Cards - Single Flag Jun-41
Delayed Mail Markings Jun, Sep 40, Jun 41
Marine Expeditionary Forces in West Indies Feb-38
Mystery (APO) 800 Series Mar-38
No Record, Not Known, Return, etc. Marks Mar-42
Occupation of Vera Cruz in 1914 May-39
Remarks on Prison Camps in E. Siberia Under American Control Nov-38
Service Suspended - Return to Sender Jun-40
Soldiers' Ballot Voted by Mail Jan-39
Tobacco Gift Acknowledgment Postcard Sep-40
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British Army Field Post Offices 1939-40 Dec-40
British Covers, Markings on (WW II) Mar-41
British Military Censor Marks (WW I) Dec-39
British Navy Black Honor Envelope (WW II) Sep-41
British Postmarks (WW I) Mar, Sep 38, Sep 40,
Mar, Dec 41
German WW I Naval Postmarks, Check List May, Jul, Sep 38
Japanese WW I POW Markings Mar-42
Meister's (German) Feldpost Marks Mar-41
Military Station Postmarks Used at Cavite, Philippine Isl (1898)" Dec-39
Philippine Span-Amer. War "Soldiers Mail" Markings Jul-38
Postmarks from the Sudetenland (WW I) Mar-39
Postmarks on the Puerto Prflncipe Stamps of Cuba, 1898-1899" Jan-41
Siege of Ladysmith (Boer War) Mar-38
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Alaska, Military Provisional Censor Marks." Feb-78
Alaska APOs Apr 59, Jan 82
A Letter That Cleared the Censor (parody, Camp Rucker, AL) Apr-79
Allied Army Cancels in Iran Jan-58
Allied Missions and Training Units in U.S. Dec-48
APOs of Hawaii Aug-81
American Base Forces Apr-77
Army Postal Unit 209, How lt Operated Dec-47
Army Post Offices of Palestine Dec-77
Atomic Bomb Covers Apr-90
Battle of the Bulge (list of Units) Feb-61
Battle of the Soo (Sault Sainte MarieS MI) Jan-54
Borderless Airmail Cover, Earliest Use by APO Sep, Nov 46
Camp Gruber, OK (POW Camp Marks)" Jun-77
Captured at Maffin Bay (New Guinea offensive) Jun-77
Censor's Handstamps on USS North Carolina Jan-87
Censor Marks Used by American Occupation Forces in Germany Nov-53
Check List of US Ships in Tokyo Bay, Sep 2, 1945 Aug-63
Check List of Helbock Type A Censor Marks (Alaska) Aug-78
Civilian Public Service (incl List of Carnps of Conscientious Religious Objectors) Jul-84
Composition of Major Marine Corps Combat Units Sep-50
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Destroyer Exchange (US to Britain & Canada) Feb-74
Directory and Other Marks May 45, Apr 49
Early Air Force Units Jun-48
Early Censor Marks Apr-89
F-1 D-3 (Special Unit assigned to British 21St Army) Feb-73
Flying Tiger Patriotic Cover (autographed by Chennault) Jun-79
Forces Post Offices in Liberia Oct-71
Fort Custer, Battle Creek, MI Jan-50
Free Frank Stamp (a confiscated label) Oct 76, Jun 79
Free Franked Covers with Railway Mail Service Postmarks Aug-48
Free Franking Mail by us Servicemen Oct-89
French - US Connection Jul-90
Geographic Locations of APOs, 1941 - 1978 Oct-80
Identifying Marks on Patriotic Covers Apr-76
Location of 6th Marine Division Jun-58
Loran Stations Oct 57, Feb 61
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Mail from Bataan anad Mindinao 194102 Sep-55
Mail from Corregidor Dec-76
Mail Markings, First Marine Brigade, Iceland Oct-47
Marine Corps Numbering System Jan, Apr 90
Mexican Expeditionary Air Force (201st Squadron) Oct-76
Military Censor Marks Used in Alaska Jun-70
Military Postal Service in St. Lucia Jun-60
Misc. War Cover Markings (reprint from Sep 44 Bulletin) Apr-83
Mission to Norway Jun-47
Mobile Army Postal Unit Statistics Nov-49
Naval Construction Battalions: Located in Alaska Aug-63
Locations of (90 - 99th) Aug-61
Postmarks of Oct-57
History of 26th, 27th, 45th, 117th Nov-53
90 - 99th Aug-61
Navy Mail (personal history of a mail specialist) Apr-85
Navy Nurses Corps Sep-56
Navy Operating Base, Londonderry, Northern Ireland Apr-60
Navy Shore Based Post Offices Mar, Jun, Sep 53
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Operations of the 718th Army Postal Unit (New Caledonia) Jun-63
Pacific Cachet Maker, Walter Czubay Feb, Jun, Aug 81
Patriotic Covers Apr to Dec 62, Feb 63
Patriotic Covers produced by H. "Capt." Fluegel Apr 76, Dec 79, Jul 82
Philatelic Control Unit Office of Censorship (permit to send or carry stamps outside US) Jan-87
Post Box 252 N.Y. (undercover address for German-Canadian Mail) Oct-79
Provisional Censor Markings of Fort Ray, Alaska Oct-78
Return of War Covers (to originator) (APO 720, 816) Dec-78
Returned to Sender (card {not shown} to POW Camp in Germany) Jul-86
Saga of the Four Chaplains (Troopship Dorchester) Sep-55
Ship of Two Wars - USS Albemarle (AV-5) Feb-69
Ships at Pearl Harbor During Raid of Dec 7, 1941 Feb-62
Slogan Cancels Jul-88
Smallest Marine Post Office Aug-60
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That It May Never Happen Again (Jewish conc. Camp letter) Jul-90
The 32nd Infantry Division Oct-88
The 442nd Regimental Combat Team Jul-88
Tentative Examination of Seattle Postal Censor Station Feb-74
Three Line Postal Cachet (Executive Order 8389, Censorship) Apr-81
US Arrned Forces in Jamaica May-55
US Used in Jamaica Oct-65
USS Captivate (AM 156), An Unusual Cover Apr-71
USS Northhampton CA 26 Mar-50
V-Mail May 46, Aug 58,
Jan 60, Oct 62
V-Mail, Diagram of Flow Sep-50
V-Mail Foun Letter from APO 218 (Myitkyina, Burma) Oct-73
VR24 - 6th Fleet's Aerial Supply Link (Morocco) Oct-57
Why I Collect Covers From APO 7 (history of) Feb-64
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AEF Censoring in France Feb-80
AEF General Orders and Bulletins Jan-84
AEF in Siberia Jun-81
AEF Update Apr, Jul 86,
Apr, Jul, Oct 88,
Apr, Jul, Oct 89, Jan 81
American Occupation of the Rhineland Apr-73
An Early Censored Postcard Dec-68
An Interesting WW I Correspondence Apr-91
APO 800 Mystery Series Dec 63, Feb, Apr 81,
Jul 88
APO 831, Case of Misplace Identity Aug-78
APO 930, Franked With German Postage Stamps Jun-79
APO 975 (Peace Comrnission, Paris) Feb-80
Army Aviation Facilities in US 1918 Dec-68
Army National Guard Camps (check list) Jun-64
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Base Section 3 (S.O.S.) Le Havre and England Jun-48
Fourth "China Marines" Regiment Oct, Dec 62
Francis E. Locy, Asst. Surgeon, USN Apr-67
German-American Transport Service Feb-76
Handstamps of US Civil Postal Censorship Aug-75
March to Rhine With 3rd Army Dec 1918 Apr-89
Marine Aviation in France 1918 Jun 70, Apr 80
Marine Corps Aviation Oct, Dec 70
Marine Corps, History of Jan, Mar 58
Marine Corps Offices in Cuba Apr-64
Naval Air Stations, Western Hemisphere Aug-67
Naval Aviation, Dirigibles 1917 - 1919 Feb-68
Naval Aviation in Italy, France Aug, Oct 66
Naval Postmark for Paris Aug-67
Navy Bases Abroad 1917 - 1919 Apr, Jun 71
Navy in World War I Nov-52
Navy Slogan Cancels Aug-61
Navy's Sopwith Camels (USS Texas) Apr-69
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Patriotic Covers Oct, Dec 62, Feb 63
POW Camps (locations, partial list - no US) Sep-56
Provisional pmk or Curious coincidence (St. Maixent, France) Oct-76
Rennes Handstamap (France) Apr, Jun 77
Russian Service Corps: Civilian or Military? Dec-72
Saga of Lost Battalion, 307th Inf., 77th Div.) Aug-67
Second Division in Army of Occupation Aug-76
Star-On-Field Label Jul-86
Stationery of Jewish Welfare Board of Directors Aug-80
Texas City Camp (training for 2nd Division) Jan-84
White Island, Bermuda (USN) Postmark Apr-65
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AEF in Siberia Jan 53, Nov 56,
Apr 62, Jan 81
AEF, Mail Service to Jun-62
Censorship of POW Mail Oct-84
Censorship Regulations Governing AEF in Jan-87
Corner Cards of the American Red Cross Commission Aug-68
New Varieties Found on Postal Stationery of AEF in Jan-67
North Russian Campaign Jun, Sep 51
Private Handstamps of Army Censors in Siberia Jan-87
Russian Service Corps: Civilians or Soldiers? Dec-72
4. UNITED STATES - CIVIL WAR 1861 - 1865  
Charles Summer and the "Tresnt Affair" Aug-68
Civil War Letter Sheet Dec-71
Confederate States Covers Aug-54
Confederate Postal System Dec-63
Damn the Torpedoes, Go Ahead (USS Octorara) Aug-77
Naval Covers Apr-67
Tenth Texas Infantry Feb-72
Two Unusual Covers Apr-81
Unusual Address (in form of a chain) Jun-80
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America's First Aviator Shot Down by Enemy Fire (Herman Herst) Apr-81
Cancelling Devices Used During Mil. Postal Service (Puerto Rico) Aug-79
Cavite Straight-Line Cancels Feb-70
City of Rio de Janiero, 1899-19O1 (troopship sinking) Oct-71
Forwarding of Soldier's Letters from Hawaii Jun-63
German Fleet at Manila Oct-66
Guam Island 1898 Jun-68
List of Forts and Camps Aug-76
List of Military Stations in Cuba Oct-61
Listing of New US Mil. Station Postal Markings from Puerto Rico Jun-81
Military Camps in US Oct 48, Oct 64
Military First Day Cover from Puerto Rico Apr-80
Military Postmarks in Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico Nov-53
Mail from the Philippines, May-Jul 1898 Dec-69
Movements of (German Cruiser) S.M.S. Geier Apr-68
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News from the War Zone, 1898 Style Apr-68
Notes on US Military Stations in Cuba Dec-63
Patriotic Covers, Types" Oct-60
Penalty Envelope Used by Military Station No. 1, Philippines, 1899 Apr-70
Postal Markings of US Military Stations 1898-1902 Jun-73
Postal Markings Under US Administration in Cuba Oct, Dec 61
Postal Stationery of Puerto Rico 1899-1900 Jun-68
Spanish Arnerican War (brief history)
[ed. Spanish American War?]
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Aerial Propaganda Leaflets Jan, May 50
Alphabetical and Numerical APO List Oct 82, Jan 83
Antarctic Notes May-57
APO Numbers Updated Aug 78, Apr 91
Arctic Supply Fleet of 52 Ships (1958) Aug-58
Battle of Brooklyn (1776) Oct-76
Beginning of Military Aviation in US Dec-60
Bikini Target Ship - Sabotage? Jul-85
Emergency (Army) Air Mail Service (1934) Oct-74
Famous American Ships Sep-55
Forts in the US, Post Offices at (1833/1904) Aug-48
Fourth China Marines Regiment (1927-42) Oct, Dec 62
Great White Fleet, Postrnarks of (1908-09) Aug-68
History of Marine Corps Nov 57, Mar 58
Important Delivery (importance of mail, reprint fm EurArmy 1986) Oct-86
Indian Campaign Cover (Gen. Grierson, 1886) Oct-71
Marine Corps Offices in Cuba 1918-22 Apr-64
Military Postal Services (Intra-theatre delivery 1984) Oct-84
Military Sea Transportation Service Nov-57
Naval Ships in Alaskan Waters (all periods) Apr-85
Navy Civil Engineer Corps May-57
Navy's NC-4, First TransAtlantic Flight- May 1919 Aug, Oct 69
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Operation Deepfreeze III (1957) Oct-57
Operation Crossroad - Atomic Bomb Test Feb 71, Jun 73
Our Military Directory Service Apr-77
Officer's Guide, 9th Edition Jul-83
Peace Corps Use of APO and FPO Jan-90
Penalty Overprinted Envelopes Oct-73
Postal History at the Smithsonian Feb-75
Post Box 252, New York (facilitating box) Oct-79
Reagan - Gorbatchev Meeting (1985) Jul-86
Ships Eligible for Navy Exped. Medal - Cuban Ops 1961-2 Aug, Oct 66
Ships Eligible for Navy Exped. Medal - Lebanon Ops. 1958 Feb-64
Ships of the Asiatic Fleet (1935-8) Apr-80
Sidemarks on Mail firom Drifting Sta. T-3 via Greenland Jan-85
Spanish Bases Oct-57
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Stars and Stripes Reprints - 1982: Jul-93
  EurMail System Could Mean Zippier Mail Service  
  Navy Starts Overseas Mail Search Policy  
  Officials Await Mail Search OK  
Table of "Army Signals" Cancellations Jan-82
Task Force Frigid (Alaska) Apr-72
Totten, General Joseph Gilbert (1849) Apr-74
US/Samoan Combination Cover (USS Nipsic 1889) Apr-67
US Ship Alert - Vribiloff lslands (1894) Apr-76
USS Constellation, history of (launched 1797) Feb-81
USS Constitution and H.M.S. Java (War of 1812) Jun-69
USS Detroit (1924 - 46) Dec 51, Apr 62
USS Greenlet, letter from (Tokyo Bay ship) Apr-61
USS Housatonic Oct-60
USS Iroquois, Pacific Squadron, 1899 Apr-67
USS Montana (1905 - 30) Sep-52
USS New Mexico Apr-67
USS Trigger Apr-61
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USPS, Navy Assign New Zip Codes to Ships Dec-80
VR 24 - 6th Fleet's Aerial Supply Link Oct-57
War of 1812 Covers - Auction Results Jun-73
White Alice (Alaska phone/telegraph system) Nov-57
YMCA in Our Eartier Wars Jan-50
Yosemite Nat'l Park, Military Administration of, 1891 -1914 Oct-68
AMGOT (Amer. Mil. Govt. Occupied Territories) - Algeria Jul-89
Censored Katanga Cover Discovered Apr-82
Censorship in South Africa Aug-81
Cover Cancelled "Pietermaritzburg Natal 11 Apr 1902" Dec-77
Egypt - Even the King's Mail was Censored Aug-79
Egypt, Italian POW Mail in" Dec 80, Jun 81
Eritrea Arsenal Fed 8th Army Advance Apr-60
Eritrea, Communications Between Ethiopia and, 1941 Jun-72
Ethiopian Censorship During Italo-Ethiopian War Apr-79
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Field Post in North Africa Oct, Dec 79
Ghana, Military Post Offices in (~1966) Aug-66
Herero Wart German S. W. Africa 1904-08 Sep-56
Italian East Africa, Military Post of (1935-41) Apr, Jun, Aug 65, Jun 67
Liberia, US Forces Post Offices in (WW II) Oct-71
LFF - Africa's First Military Stamps (Liberian Frontier Force) Dec-76
Search For A Soldier (Italo-Ethiopian War 1935-6) Jun-60
Somalia, A Mystery Marking From Dec-71
The Africa Flight of the (German Zepplin) L59 Jun-72
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Auxiliary Air Force Base Feb-74
Civil Censorship Devices (WW II) Apr 74, Dec 78
APOs in Australia Jan-87
Army Units Serving in Far East 1951 -59 Feb-64
Exmouth, W.A. - US Naval Commun. Sta (1967) Apr-68
Forces in Palestine Jul 57, Dec 76
Forces in Viet Nam Feb 66, Apr, Oct 69
7th Base Post Office (APO 501) in Apr-64
Allied Occupation of, 1945-55 Jun 74, Feb 75
Austrian Rocket Artillery (1855-66) Dec-69
Austro-Hungarian Field Post Office - WW I Jun-49
Postoffice Box 110 - Vienna Jun-49
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BAHREIN ISLANDS - The Horseshoe Route, to US (WW II) Apr-88
Beaufort Sea Expedition (Northwest Passage 1954) Sep-56
BELGIUM - Armored Car Division in Russia WW I Aug, Oct, Dec 64
Cambodian Activity (Marine rescue of Mayaguez 1975) Jun-75
Fall of Free Cambodia (1975-7) Jan-90
Army & Navy Post Offices, MPOs & NPOs May-47
Canadian Arrny PO/FPO Dec-63
Canadian-American Special Service Force Jul-90
Canadian Officers in British Army Jun-60
Canadian APO on US Soil Apr-89
Canadian Censor Marks Oct, Dec 74
Canadian Forces in Far East (Hong Kong) Dec-65
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Marks on Canadian POW Mail Apr-78
Military Airmail Feb-77
Postal Stat. Used by German POWs/Internees in Canadian Camps Jan-89
POWs in Canada Feb-64
POW / Internment Camps Dec 64, Apr 78
POW Franks Jun-78
Royal Canadian Postal Corps Oct 69, Dec 66
Canadian Air Training in US Aug-67
Censored Registered Mail Oct-77
Internment Camps Feb-65
Training Camps Dec-65
British FPOs in Canada 1962-3 Dec-63
Canadian Battalions Serving in Cyprus (1964-85) Apr-85
Canadian Field Post Offices in Middle East (1956-74) Jan-82
Canadian Forces PO in S. Vietnam Feb, Apr 75
Canadian Military Marks (incl Meters) Jun 74, Feb, Apr 77
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Locations (of SPOs, FPOs, etc) Apr, Jun. 76
Military Meter Markings Jun-64
Military Postal News Apr, Dec 65,
Apr, Jun, Aug 69,
Feb, Jun, Oct 67, Jun 68
Military Slogan Cancellations Dec-64
Postwar Naval Cancellations Aug-58
Royal Postal Corps Apr, Aug, Oct 69
Santa Claus to Canadian Forces (RC Postal Corps) Dec-66
Summary of Inactive CFPOs Jun-76
Censorship (WW I) Oct-82
New APO Discovered (#3025) Aug-81
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AEF Censoring in France Feb-80
Alaska Censor Marks WW II Jun, 70, Feb, Aug 78
An Early Censored Post Card Dec-68
Anglo-Boer War Cover (1902) (triangular censor marks) Dec-77
A Letter That Cleared the Censor, WW II (Camp Rucker, AL) Apr-79
Antigua Civil Censorship Devices, WW II Apr 74, Dec 78
Army (US) Censor Markings Dec 44, May 46, Jun 47
British Empire Civilian Censor Devices Feb, Jun 74
Boxed "Passed by US Army Examiner Oct, Dec 76, Feb 77
Canadian Censor Marks WW II Oct, Dec 74
Canal Zone Censorship WW I Oct-82
Censoring in the Philippines WW I Oct 73, Apr 78, Oct 86
Censored Katanga Cover 1961 Apr-82
Censor Labels & Markings, Foreign Mar, Aug, Oct, Nov 41,
Jan, Feb, Apr 42
Censor Markings Used by American Occup Forces in Germany WW I Nov-53
Censored Registered Mail, Canada WW I Oct-77
Censor's Handstamp on US North Carolina WW II Jan-87
Censorship in South Africa WW II Aug-81
Censorship Regulations Governing AEF in Siberia WW I Jan-87
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Early Censored Post Card Dec-68
Early WW II Censor Marks Apr-89
Ethiopian Censorship During Italo-Ethiopian War 1935-6 Apr-79
Even King's Mail Was Censored, Egypt, WW I Aug-79
Fort Ray, Alaska, Censor Marking" Oct-78
Marks on Canadian POW Mail Apr-78
Official, Semi-Official & Private Censors' Markings of Austria-Hungary on
POW Mail to & from Siberia 1914-20
Philatelic Censorship in WW II Jan-85
Philatelic Control Unit Office of Censorship Jan-87
Passed by Censor - US Navy - WW II Dec-55
Postal Censorship During Falklands War Oct-84
Private Handstamps of Army Censors in Siberia WW I Jan-87
Seattle Postal Censor Station WW II Feb-74
Secret Censoring, Polish Forces in England, WW II Jan-85
Tentative Exam. Of Seattle Postal Censor Station Feb-74
Three-Line Postal Cachet WW II, Exec. Order 8389 Apr-81
US Censorship of POW Mail from Siberia 1918-21 Oct-84
US Civil Censorship in Germany (1947) Aug-77
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Notes on the Chaco War 1932-5 Jan-60
Paraguayan Army Postal Service Oct 67, Feb 68
CHILE - Peruvian/Bolivia "War of the Pacific (!1830) Mar-58
American Forces in, 1923 Feb-63
Army POs in, WW II Aug-63
Chinese Military Postmarks, 1937-47 Dec-47
Going Up the Yangtze River from Shanghai (1911) Oct-64
Naval Operations Along the Yangtze Oct-77
The 15th & 31st Infantry Regiments, China Service 1912-38 Mar-58
CIJRACAO - POW Cover from (1803) Feb-79
CZECHOSLOVAKIA - Postal History of Jun-74
Desert Shield Becomes Desert Storm (APO Assignments) Jan-91
Desert Shield - Desert Storm Report Apr-91
Initial Postal Developments Jul-90
Operation Desert Shield (postmarks) Oct-90
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Mail to/from troops in (1965) Apr-66
US Military Post Offices in (1918-24) Apr-82
ECUADOR - US Forces at Galapagos Islands Oct 63, Jun 72
Argentine Forces Mail Oct-84
Postal Censorship During War 1982 Oct-84
FIJI/JOHNSTON ISLANDS - Two Mysteries Solved by Luck Jun-80
An Interesting WW I Correspondence Apr-91
APOs of French Army (WW I) Dec-55
Battleship Richelieu (incl RF Overprints) Apr, Aug 70, Jan, Apr 90
Cancels of the French Navy (WW I) Dec-55
France's Lend-Lease Navy (WW I) Jan-91
French Expeditionary Force to Spain (1823-8) Dec-71
French Military Posts of XXth Century Jun-60
Gravediggers of Romagne Jul-83
Legion Covers (WW II) Jul-56
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Mail Between France and America During WW II Apr-85
Paris (US) Naval Postmark (WW I) Aug-67
Seven Years War (1756-63) Cover Feb-73
Siege of Paris, Mails of (1870-1) Feb, Apr, Jun 72
So-Called Dunkirk Stamp Nov-53
US French Connection WW II Jul-90
Afrika Corps Stamp, 1943 Aug-60
Another Channel Island Unit Identified (WW II) Oct-80
APO 530 Franked With German Stamp Jun-79
Army Organization, 1914-8, for Feldpost Collectors Jun-71
Deutsche Dienstposten (German Service Post Office) May 55, Dec 60
Displaced Persons Camps Sep-55
Durch Deutsche Feldpost (use of German postal system Nationals in Belgium and occupied France, WW II Jul-82
Fieldpost in North Africa Oct-79
First Commercial Mail-Carrying Submarine (1916) Aug-69
Frachtenschlepper (glider towing units, WW II) Feb-81
German-American Transport Service (WW I) Feb-76
German Naval Forces - Battle of Jutland 1916 Jun, Oct 73
German POWs, WW II Aug-80
History of Development of Inselpost and Stamps 1944-5 Dec-76
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Legionnaire Mails Jul-56
Location of Field Post Offices (WW II) May-55
Location of Stalags and Oflags May-57
March to Rhine With Third Army Dec 1918 Apr-89
Open Letter of 1914 (Censorship) Apr-88
Operation Airmail (reprint from EurArmy 1985) Apr-86
Postal Stationery Used by German POWs in Canadian Camps Jan-89
Palestine Soldiers in Captivity Jan-89
Possibly Unique WW I POW Cover - "Kronprinz Wilhelm" Oct-89
Six Cold War Covers Feb-74
Story of Theresienstadt (Jewish Conc. Camp) Aug-61
Warnung! Wannung! (Faked German Field Post marks WW II) Dec-73
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Aircraft Carrier HMS Victorious Feb-72
Anglo-Boer War Cover Apr-64
Army & Navy Postal Markings Aug-47
A WW II Mail Episode (mail intercepted in Bermuda) Feb-77
B.E.F. Postal Numbers Used by American Divisions - WW I Jan-83
British "Army Signals Cancellations Jan-82
British Troopship "Tuscania" (first carrying US soldiers torpedoed Jul-89
British Civil Aviation Jun 75, Dec 76, Aug 77
British Empire Civilian Censor Devices Feb, Jun 74
British Legion in Spain - First Carlist War I 832-9 Oct-72
FPOs in Greece, WW II Jan-54
Northern Ireland Postal Rates Jul-84
Random Notes on British APO Services/Postal Stat. 1939-46 Jun, Sep 53
Royal Naval Air Service in 1915 Jun-72
Secret Censoring (Polish Forces in Britain, WW II) Jan-85
Ships Serving With 3rd Pacific Fleet at Japanese Surrender Jun-49
Siberian Expeditionary Force Nov-56
When We Win The War, It Will Be OK (Prohibition against mailing Mint stamps) Feb-81
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Field Post Offices of Red Army of Hungarian Soviet Rep. Oct-78
Occupation of Various Countries by Apr-56
ICELAND - New Military Cancels in Use in (FPO 69571) Jun-77
INDO CHINA (see also Viet Nam) - Box T Saigon (WW II) Feb-80
IRAN - Allied Field Postmarks in, 1941-6 May-50
Defense Forces: Occupation Post Offices (1967) Apr-69
Maganah Post (1947-8) Aug-59
Military Postal Services Apr-60
Six Day War, Some Philatelic Aspects of (Jun 67) Feb, Apr 70
Counterfeit Stamps for Military Post Jun-75
Italian Military Post in East Africa Apr, Jun, Aug 65,
Jun 67, Jun 77
Italian POW Mail in Egypt Dec 80, Jun 81
Italian POWs - WW II Feb-80
POW Camps 1941-3 Jan, Apr 89
Trieste - US Troops May-55
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JAMAICA - US Armed Forces in May 55, Oct 65
A Cover and Its Sender, 32nd Japanese Army (Okinawa) Dec-78
American POW Cover- Pvt 1st Class (Herman Herst) Jan 83*
APOs of Japan in Philippines, WW II Dec 64, Feb 65
Bikini Target Ship - Sbotage? (Jap. Cruiser at Eniwetok) Jul-85
Japanese Navy Visits French Polynesia Oct 77*
Japanese Soldier Mail (Russo-Jap War 1904-05) Aug-60
Marshall Islands - Japanese Navy Mailing Numbers, WW II Feb-69
KOREAN WAR 1950-53  
Codfish Airlines Jun-67
Dutch Mail Tom Korea Feb 77*
French Forces Cancels Sep 52*, Mar, Sep 53
Korea 1950 (Task Force Smith) Sep 52*
New Zealand Forces in Sep 55, Apr 56
POW Camps Dec-54
ROK Naval Vessels Sep 56*
United Nations Mail from Mar-53
United Nations Ships in Korean Waters (list) Dec 51*
US Ships in Korean Waters Dec-59
Mexico - Mexican Border Campaign 1916 Feb-48
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Allied Army Cancels (WW II) in Iran Jan-58
Farewell/Beginning-German Jewish Refugees on ship St. Louis Jun-70
Interim Force in Lebanon (1978-80) Oct, Dec 80,
Jan, Feb, Mar 81, Apr 84
International Force in Beirut (1982-4) Jul-85
Markings on Egyptian Soldier's Ltr, Arab-Israeli War (1948-9) Sep-55
Military Mail and Mobilization of Jews in Palestine Jul-86
Palestine Soldiers in German Captivity (WW II) Dec-89
St. Catherine Monastery in Sinai (Six Day War 1967) Dec-75
Soldier's Mail in Yom Kipper War Apr-75
US Army Post Offices of Palestine (WW II) Dec 66, Dec 77, Apr 79
US Marines in Beirut Oct-84
33 Years of Middle East Wars Apr-83
Midway Island - New Postal Facility Discovered Feb-78
Dutch Control Seals Oct-80
Naval Use of US Navy Fleet Post Office Dec 76*
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NETHERLANDS EAST INDIES - From Makassar, With Love Feb 80*
NEW CALEDONIA - A Look at Military Franchise Stamps of Feb-79
NEWFOUNDLAND - First US Army Post Office in Apr-88
Boer War Nov 53*
Green Envelopes Jun-79
Military History Special Stamp Issue (1984) Oct 84*
MPOs in Japan (WW II) Feb, May 57
New Zealand Forces in Vietnam Apr 70*
Pahiatus, Polish Refugee Camp Jul-83
Post Offices in the Holyland Oct 78*
Tale of a Rather "Uncommon Soldier" (story of war experience of a New Zealander in five armies) Jul-83
NICARAGUA - Relief for Somotilla (Marine Corps 1927) Oct-78
A Cover and Its Sender, 32nd Japanese Army in Dec-78
Capture of Nov-58
Establishing First US Navy Post Office in Aug-81
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PALAU ISLANDS - US Military Govt. postmarks (1947) Oct-66
APOs of Japan in Dec 64, Feb 65
Blue Beach on the Lingayen Gulf Feb-45
History of APO 74 Unit 2 (1946) Jan-82
Mail from Corregidor Oct 75, Dec 76
Postal Markings Used in Isle De Negros (1899-1902) Aug-78
WW I Censoring in Oct 73, Apr 78, Oct 86
Covers Jun-78
Pitcairn Military Force - WW II Apr-82
Field Post in 1939 Jan-59
Free Polish Field Post in WW II Feb-79
Polish Refugee Camp, Pahiatua, New Zealand Jul-83
Secret Censoring (Polish Forces in England) Jan 85*
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American POWs WW I Sep-55
Arizona Internrnent Camp Cancels Feb-67
Camp Gruber, OK Jun-77
Canada POW / Internee Camps Dec 64, Feb, Apr 65,
Apr 78
Canadian POW Franks Apr, Jun 78
Censors' Marks of Austria-Hungary on POW Mail to/from Siberia WW I Apr-85
Dutch Control Seals, WW I Oct-80
German POWs WW II Aug-80
Germany, POW Camp Locations (Stalags & Oflags) May-57
Italian POWs, WW II Feb-80
Italian POW Camps 1941-3 Jan, Apr 89
Italian POW Mail in Egypt, WW II Dec 80, Jun 81
Mail From Corregidor (1942-3) Oct-77
Palestine Soldiers in German Captivity Jan-89
Possibly Unique WW I POW Cvr fm the "Kronprinz Wilhelm" Oct-89
Postal Stationery (German POWs/Internees) fm Canadian WW II Camps Jan-89
POW Camp Locations, WW I Sep-56
POW Covers - Napoleonic Wars Jan 54*
POW Mail from Russia After WW II Apr-88
Ruheben POW Camp Stamps Dec-59
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Swiss Internment Camps WW II Apr-51
That It May Never Happen Again (Jewish Conc. Camp ltrs) Jul-90
Theresienstadt, Story of Aug-61
Ukranian Refugees in Philippines Feb-77
Unusual POW Mail (from Germany) Apr-91
Uncommon Soldier (New Zealand POW in Germany) Jul-83
Puerto Rico - Postal Stationery 1899-1900 Jun-68
Allied Forces in North Russia Jul-88
Belgian Armored Car Div. in Russia WW I Aug, Dec 64
British Army POs in Norm Russia Sep-56
Censorship of POW Mail from Siberia Oct-84
In North Russian Waters 1918-19 Dec-75
North Russian Campaign 1918-19 Jun-51
Official, Semi-Official and Private Censors Marking of Austria-Hungary on POW Mail to/from Siberia 1914-20 Apr-85
Philately of Russo-Japanese War Jun-72
POW Mail from Russia after WW II Apr-88
Russo-Japanese War 1904-5 Apr-69
Soviet naval Fleet Covers - The Red Banner Baltic Fleet 1941-3 Jul-90
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Serbia- The Intrepid Mrs. St. Clair Stobart Feb-73
Seychelles - US APO 09030 (1974) Apr-90
German Condor Legion Aug, Oct 62
Hisma Ltda and Herr Bernhardt Apr-79
Minorca Provisionals Feb 79*
Postal Markings of General Franco's Headquarters Jun-79
Refugee Camps for Spaniards in France Feb-79
Spanish Blue Division Oct-71
Switzerland Regimental Stamps Sep 56*
Thailand - American Forces Aug-75
Mailing Address Only (postal experience of US Tactical Control  
Squadron Radar Station 1966) Jul-90
Trieste - Occupation of (APO 209) May 55*
Turkey - Check List of US APOs Aug-75
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Emergency Forces, Egypt Nov 58, Oct 75
Indian Contingent with UN Dec-59
Interim Force in Lebanon (1978-80) Apr-84
Maple Leaf and Blue Beret Oct, Dec 75, Feb 76
Military Mail of UN Forces in Korea Oct-76
Multinational Force and Observers- Sinai (1982) Oct-84
Second ISN Emergency Force (1973) Dec-74
UN Disengagement Observer Force - Syria/Israeli Border Aug-75
UN Observer Group in Lebanon Oct-75
UN Forces in the Congo Dec 60, Apr, Jun, Dec 61;
Feb, Apr 62
UN Forces in Cyprus Aug 64, Feb 65,
Dec 75, Apr 85
UN India-Pakistan Observer Mission Oct 63, Dec 75
UN Yemen Observation Mission Oct 63, Dec 75
UNIIMOG: UN Iran-Iraq Military Observer Group (1988) Jan-90
Australian Forces in Feb 66, Apr, Oct 69
Canadian Forces PO 5005 in S. Viet Nam Feb, Apr 75
Check List, Closed US APOs and FPOs Jun-75
FPO and APO List Aug-69
Free Mail Service Feb-66
Listing of US Naval Vessel and USMC Cancels Feb-66
M.I.A. Search Party Covers (1985) Oct-86
Military Postal Markings of Rep. of Viet Nam Feb-67
New Zealand Forces Apr 70*
Postal Facilities for International Commission - Control/Supv. Jun-73
US and Other Participating Forces Feb-66
Viet Cong Mail Apr-77
Vietnamese Civilian Aerogrammes w/various Surcharges (1973-4) Apr 74*
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A Brief History of Apr-83
Constitution and By-Laws Jul 85, Apr 91
WAR DATES 1914 - 1931 Oct-88
Society By-Laws Fall 01
Advance Navy Base CLB-13 (New Caledonia) Win 99
A High Numbered APO (transit #4579) Spr 94
Air Drop Over Holland (unusual ltr. Sheet) Spr 98*
Allied Forces in Palestine 1939-45 Sum 04
American Base Forces Postmarks Spr 97
Army Hospital Ships Fall 04
Army Postal Service Fall 99
Army Serial Numbers Win 00
Army Transport Ship Tasker Howard Bliss Spr 01
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Barrage Balloon Training Camp Fall 01
Battle of Savo Island Sum 94*, Win 97*
Berlin Airlift Stamp Fall 98
Bird Boats & E Boats (USS Partridge, ocean tug) Fall 95
Birth of APO 976 - Northway, Alaska Win 94
Black Cats (PBY Catalina) to the Rescue Fall 02
British Military College of Science, US at Spr 04*
Broke Her Back (sinking of destroyer USS Brownson) Spr 96*
C.A.P.O. 51 Kiska, Alaska Spr 99
Censor Markings (Hawaii) on Army Mail, 1942 Apr-93
China's Lifeline (A New Burma Road) Spr 03
Collectors Friend (sub USS Argonaut) Win 95*
Condemned APO Mail in So. Pacific Spr 00
Convoy Named Pedestal (to Malta) Win 00
Crockery (concrete) Fleet & Ice Cream Win 03
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Destroyer That Saved A Carrier (USS Hudson) Sum 96*
Divine Wind (aircraft carrier USS Ommaney Bay) Spr 95*
Early V-Mail From Australia Win 01
Exchanged Jewish POWs Win 04*
First (Allied) Airborne Army Win 03
First Base P.O. (England) Structures Preserved Fall 04
First US Squadron in Trinidad/Tobago Win 98
From the Frying Pan (explosion of ammo. Ship Mt. Hood) Win 94*
Foreign Mail to APOs Spr 04
General Harry Collins, 42nd Inf. Div. Fall 94
Heavenly Bodies (Cargo Vessel USS Venus) Fall 00
Helicopter Rescue (plasma to convoy vessel escort USS Turner) Fall 96*
Hollandia (Dutch New Guinea) Raids, Apr 1944 Spr 04
Homing Instinct (Dest. Escort USS Leopold) Sum 97
Horse Sense (USS Missouri Jap. Surrender cachet) Sum 95*
Incoming (censorship, mail to Dest. USS Clark) Fall 96*
Iwo Jima Flag Raising Win 03
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Landings at Oran (Operation Torch) Spr 00
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Last Liberty Ships Win 04
Less Than 80 Days (USS Sturtevant sunk by 80 day mine) Spr 98*
Lost Parachute Mail in Iceland Win 02
M/S Gripsholm - A Repatriate Cover Fall 95
M/S Gripsholm Revisited Spr 01
Mail From APOs to Foreign Destinations Fall 03
Murmansk Convoy JW-51B Spr 01*
Navy Soup (language & abbreviations) Win 96
National Memorial Dedicated Spr 04
Negotiating A Minefield (USS Miantonomah, minelayer) Spr 97*
No Longer Neutral - USS Walke Sum 04
Operation Neptune (sinking of Dest. USS Corry) Fall 97*
Operation Overlord Spr 04
Operation Torch (503rd Parachute Battalion) Spr 97
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Pacific Naval Air Base - Wake Island Spr 02
Parcels (requests) For Our Fighting Men (governing bulletin) Win 99
Pensacola Convoy (sunk at Darwin Harbor) Fall 04
Processed V-Mail from USS Texas Sum 03
Rainbow Division (50th) Reunion Fall 94*
Saga of SS Deer Lodge (merchant marine) Spr 94
Section 515, Postal laws & Regulations (free mail) Fall 94
Short & Lively Voyages of USS Seraph (rescue from Vichy France) Win 96
Society Islands, Postal History of US Forces Jul-92
Soldiers Mail Regulations Spr 04
Stand By to Ram (Japanese Suicide Sub) Win 04
Standing Into Mines (troopship USS Pres. Coolidge) Win 03
Sunk at Pearl Harbor (accident of May 21, 1944) Fall 98*
Tending the Tender (PT Boat USS Niagara) Fall 94*
The Army Camp (NY to France, missent to Iceland) Win 95*
The Eighth Wasp (sinking of) Win 99*
The 106th Infantry Division (Golden Lions) Fall 94
The 6888th Cent. Postal Directory - African/American WACs Win 98
Too Difficult to Write (sinking of USS Ranger) Spr 94*
Tragic Sinking of Arandora Star Win 04
Turning the Tide (Jap. Suicide sinking of USS Mississinewa) Win 98*
Two Days of Thunder (USAAF Attack on Berlin) Fall 99*
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Unclaimed (sinking of USS Wahoo) Sum 98*
V-J Day - Fifty Years Later Fall 95
Winning the War (return/use of "Win The War" stamp) Spr 97*
AEF mail to Foreign Destinations Win 04
AEF Units, Listing of (from Osprey Men-At-Arms book) Jul-91
AEF Updates (to book: Postal History of AEF 1917-23, 2"d Ld.) Jul 91, Jan, Apr 92, Win, Spr, Sum 94, Win, Sum 95, Win 96, Spr 97, Win 98, Spr 01, Spr 02, Sum 03
American Volunteer Ambulance Drivers Sum 94
An Ocean Voyage with Irwin S. Cobb Spr 98
An Unusual WW I AEF Registered Cover Jun-93
Card from a Tuscania Survivor (see also War Cover Bulletin Jul 89, Win 94
Jewish Welfare Board "Safe Arrival" Cards Win 97
Knights of Columbus War Activities Fall 97, Feb 03
Knights of Columbus Grave Locating Service Fall 04*
Knights of Columbus Registered Cover Sum 04*
No Known Grave Spr, Sum 02
Over There (selected AEF Exhibit pages) Spr 96, Sum 98
POs at Amer. Embarkation Center in France Sum 97
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Reverent Tribute (89th Division death) Spr 96
Scenes of the AEF Spr 01
USS Scorpion in Turkey Spr 02
What Happened to the Spruce Camps? (OR/WA logging camps) Jul-92
APO in Kyrgystan Keeps Airman Smiling Spr 02
Army Reduces July 4 Casualties Sum 04
(Army Transport Ship) Liberty for All Win 02
Attack Squadron 93 (A-4 Skyhawk) Win 99
Camp Conrad, Columbus, GA (Span. Amer. War) Win 94
Camp Douglas, Chicago, IL (Civil War) Fall 97*
Civil Reserve Air Fleet (Rome-Dharhan) {Desert Storm} Jul-92
Civil War Correspondence (by Herman Herst) Win 98
Cochrane Family, Gettysburg to Vietnam Spr 00
Custer's least Stand Fall 04
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Desert Shield/Storm Army/Air Force APOs Oct-91
First Illinois Infantry Reg. (Span. Amer. War) Spr 99
Fort Sheridan, IL (1887 - 1984) Win 01
Friendly Fire (USS Saratoga fires on Turkish ship 1992) Win 95*
Iraq War Trophies (rules regarding) Sum 03*
Jefferson Davis (by Herman Herst) Fall 95
Midway Island - A New Civil Post Office Win 98
Operation Crossroads - I 946 A-Bomb Tests Sum 99
Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) Win, Spr*, Sum 02
Operation Iraqi Freedom Spr, Sum 03*,
Win, Sum 04
Operation Joint Endeavor (Bosnia) Win, Spr 96
Pig War (1871) Win 03
Post-197S Wars in Vietnam Win 00
Postal History of American Contingent - Boxer Rebellion Jan-93
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Seventh Regiment Goes to [Civil] War (by Herman Herst) Win 94
Soldier's Due Letter- 55th PA Vol. Reg (Civil War) Spr 99*
South Vietnam Military Mail Sum 99
Stars and Strife (Movie Star Mail) Spr, Sum, Fall 03,
Win, Spr, Sum 04
Unlisted APOs/Locations in Turkey Fall 95
Unterseboot (Sub) U-505 Fall 03*
US Intervention in Nicaragua 1927-33 Fall 00
US Intervention in Northern Mexico 1916-17 Fall 01
US Military Operations (names of) Since 1993 Win 04
US Military POs - Contingency ZIPs (093 Series) Win 04
V-Mail Movie Prop Sum 01
Wild West Division (915' Army) Spr 03
Wreck of HMS Gladiator (collision w/US mail ship 1908) Spr 96
Allied Armies Telegraph Censorship Fall 04*
Censoring Mail from Marines Overseas - WW II Oct-91
Censor Markings on US Army Mail 1942 Jan, Apr, Jul 93
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Handstamps of German POW Camp Censors (WWI) Spr 00
Hypothesis - Mil. Censorship in Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep 1919 Win 96*
Incoming (mail to Destroyer USS Clark- WWII) Fall 96
Numbered Handstamps of German POW Camp Censors (WW II) Spr, Fall 00*
Philatelic Censorship (by Herman Herst) Sum 98
Postal Censorship and Control in Cameroon Fall 01
Winning The War Spr 97
An "Honor System" Internee Camp (by Herman Herst) Fall 97
Army Air Force Internee (in Portugal) Win 03
Boer POWs in Bermuda 1901-02 Fall 97
British POW in Malaya Sum 03
Capture Mail of American POWs in Europe Sum 01
Copiewig Internee Camp, Dutch Guinea Spr 99
Exchanged Jewish POWs Win 04
Fort Missoula Alien Retention Center Fall 03
For You The War Is Over (POW in Germany) Sum 97
General in a German POW Camp Win 95, Spr 96
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German POW in Post WW II Soviet Camp Win 02
Guarding the Koje-Do POW Prison Camp (Korea) Sum 00
Incoming POW Cover (Hoten Camp) Spr 00
In Search of an Escaped Prisoner (Switzerland) Win 98
Interned in Germany Fall 98
Interned in Switzerland Spr 98
Internment Camp in Bonaire Fall 98
Internment Camp Taboga in Panama Apr 92*
Internment Camp in India Spr 95
Japanese Military Burma-Thailand Railway 1942-45 Fall 96
Late British POW Mail to Germany via Switzerland Sum 03
Last San Marco Battalion (Italian POWs in China) Sum 96, Spr 98
Perote & Irapuato Camp for German/Italian Internees in Mexico Win 00
Prisoner of War- Oflag 64 Spr 94
St. James Internment Camp, Trinidad Win 99
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Forces Mail in Somalia Win, Fall 95
French "White Helmuts" in Beirut (1989) Sum 95*
Ghana UN Battalion in Rwanda Win 97
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Indonesia and UN Peacekeeping Operations Sum 97
Mission in Haiti Fall 95*
Peacekeeping Forces in East Timor (1995) Spr 00
Temporary Internat'l Presence in Hebron (1994) Win 95
7. OTHER  
Baron Napier of Magdala (Ethiopia 1867) Win 96
Canadian Peacekeeping Forces in Somalia Fall 95
Egypt - c/o Postmaster San Francisco Win 96*
Ethiopia - A Possible Genesis of WW II Fall 95
Favorite Cover- Secret Aircraft repair Base in Eritrea Spr 94
Free Mail in Rwanda (and Haiti) Fall 94
Geography 101 (Dahomey 1894) Sum 97
Ghana UN Battalion in Rwanda Win 97
Ill-Fated Posta Militaire 260 (Libya, etc) Win 96
Indian Exped. Force in E. Africa (WW I) Spr 94
Italian Post Offices in Tangier 1938-43 Spr 03
Jewish Brigade Group (formed in Egypt) Sum 03
Liberia Mil. & Peacekeeping Forces Sum 96
Occupation of French Morocco Sum 99
Operation Torch (503/509th Parachute Inf. Batt. WW II) Spr 97
Operation Turquoise, French Mil. Intervention in Rwanda Fall 94
Somali Coast Airmail (WW II) Fall 03
Turkish Forces in Somalia (Operation Restore Hope) Sum 94*
Around the World in 18 Days (cover forwarded to USS Doyle) Win 95*
Favorite Cover - TPO for Australian Troops in Jerusalem Win 94*
US Army POs & Censor Markings on Mail 1942 Apr-93
AUSTRIA - Military Occup. Of Oltre Ticino 1849 Spr 00
Birth of First Croatian State Sum 02
Naval Aviation Win 03
Philatelic Impossibility (WW I) Fall 97
Belgian Congo Military Cover Sum 04*
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Canadian Peacekeeping Forces in Somalia Fall 95
Polish Army Camps in (WW I) Win 02
Polish Army Camps in (WW II) Spr 02
American Contingent (Boxer Rebellion) Jan-93
China's Lifeline - A New Burma Road Spr 03
Germany in China (exhibit pages) Oct-91
The Shanghai Incident Spr, Sum 02
FINLAND - Foreign Volunteers in Finnish Forces (WW II) Sum 96
AEF University at Beaune (WW I) Spr 97
A Philatelic D-Day (use of counterfeit stamps WW II) Spr*, Sum 96*
Belgian Troops in (WW II) Fall 98
Free French Special Air Force (WW II) Win 01
French Patriotic Covers (WW l) Sum 01
French "White Helmuts" in Bierut (1984) Sum 95*
I Hope Mother Feels Better (Foreign Legion) Sum 97
Operation Musketeer - Anglo-French Invasion of Egypt (1956 cover) Spr 96*
Post Offices at Amer. Embarkation Center (WW I) Sum 97
Safe Conduct Pass or Parody (WW I) Spr, Sum 95*
Slow Boat to France (mail transit time) Fall 01
The "F" Stamp (Spanish Civil War Refugees) Fall 96
Unidentified Paris Postal Marking Sum 99
Voyages of USS Seraph (rescue of Henri Geraud from Vichy France) Win 96
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A General in a German POW Camp (WW II) Win 95, Spr 96
APOs in Bad Kissingen Fall 99
Danzig - Start of WW II Win 95
First Feldpost Offices Outside Germany Since WW II (1992) Sum 94
For You The War Is Over (WW II POW in Germany) Sum 97
Honor System Internee Camp - WW I (by Herman Herst) Fall 97
Letter from, Undelivered Due to War (WW I) Jan-93
Propaganda Leaflet (WW II) Fall 94
Prisoner of War - Oflag 64 (WW II) Spr 94
SMS Thuringen and German Navy Mutiny Sum 99
GREECE - A Military Attache (WW I) Spr 97
Allied Armies Telegraph Censorship Fall 04*
Belgian Refugee in Fall 01
British Servicewomen With the AEF Fall 97
Eagles Go to War (Amer. Pilots in RAF) Sum, Fall 95
First Base PO - APO 640 (WW II) Sum 96
Flimsy With Character (England-Murmansk convoy postcard) Win 94
HMS Prince of Wales (history of) Spr 96
HMS Stonefly (WW II minesweeper) Sum 96
Lonely Survivor (Mannheim Air Raid) Win 02
Lost and Found (Letter London to Syria) Fall 00
Operation Bolero (Replacement Depots) Fall 02
Operation Musketeer: Anglo French Invasion of Egypt (1956 cover) Spr 96*
Our Splendid Victory Over the Russians (Crimean War) Fall 98
Our Splendid Victory follow-up: We Open With 1000 Guns Win 99
RAF Retreat from Burma Win 03
Railway Consignee Certificates Fall 04*
Royal Navy Postmarks (WW II) Win 97
Royal Navy Volunteer Force and HMS Crystal Palace (WW I) Win 94
USS Swasey and HMS Rockingharn (WW II) Spr 97
Voyages of USS Seraph (rescue fm Vichy France) Win 96
With Favorable Winds (HMS Hood, sinking Bismarck) Spr 03
Wreck of HMS Gladiator (collision with US mailship 1908) Spr 96
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Free Mail in Haiti (and Rwanda) Fall 94
On The Rocks (USS Memphis 1916) Win 96*
Prelude to Operation Uphold Democracy Sum 03
Indian Custodian Forces in Korea (1953) Win 94
Indian Exped. Forces in E. Africa (WW I) Spr 94
Internment Camps - Postal History Spr 96
Averting an Internat'l Political Incident (SETAF Anniv) Sum 98
Ill-Fated Posta Militaire 260 (Battle of El Alemain) Win 96
Italian Exped. Corps in Russia - A Free Frank Letter Sheet Spr 98
Italian PO in Tangier 1938-43 Spr 03
Last San Marco Battalion (POWs in China WW II) Sum 96, Spr 98
Operation "Hot Rock" (rescue of Sicilian town 1992) Win 94*
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KOREAN WAR 1950-3  
British & Cornmonwealth Naval Forces Sum 00
French Battalion in Sum 00
Guarding the Koje-do POW Prison Camp Sum 00*
Indian Custodian Forces in Win 94
Korean War (Overview) Sum 00
Korean War Navy Covers Win 04
Picture Letter from Korea Sum 00*
Public Law 609 Sum 00*
Turncoats and Other Names Sum 00
War in Korea Sum 00
Burma-Thailand Railway 1942-5 Fall 96
Marine Monster (submarine) Spr 99
Well-Traveled 58th Infantry (1918-20) Fall 96
NEW CALEDONIA - Marine Barracks APO 502 (WW II) Win 94*
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NEW HEBRIDES - Espiritu Island (advance airfield construction unit) Jul 92*
PALESTINE - Fav. Cover: TPO for Australian Troops (1940) Win 94*
ROMANIA - Bulgarian Occupation Spr 01
A Flimsy With Character (Convoy JW-58) Win 94
Moscow Pouch Mail (WW II) Spr 95*
Postal Activity in Peru 1914-17 Sum 04
Soldiers Mail from Red Army Sum 04
SLOVAKIAN REPUBLIC - The First, 1939 Win 02
F Stamp (for civil war refugees in France) Fall 96
Headquarters of France in Salamanca Spr 01
SWEDEN - Field Post Office in Saudi Arabia Apr 92*
Swiss Military Trains Spr 99
In Search of an Escaped Prisoner (WW II) Win 98
Interned in Spr 98
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Fav. Cover: Royal Thai Naval Intell. Unit - 1992 Apr 93*
Military Courier Correspondence - WW II Fall 00
US Marines in, May 17 - Jul 29, 1962 Jul-93
TURKEY - Turkish Occupation of Trans-Caucasia Fall 02
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