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How to View Web-Based Mini-Presentations from the Military Postal History Website


The Military Postal History Society has started to post interactive web-based mini-presentations that cover very limited aspects of what could be major military postal history subjects. This web system allows you to view a presentation, much like the PowerPoint (tm) system available on Microsoft and Mac computers. However, you can view these presentation slides without any additional software on your computer, phone, or tablet.

NOTES For Users of Phones and Tablets

NOTE: users of phones and tablets should turn their devices horizontally, to best view the presentations.

While it appears that Apple (tm) devices allow for full-screen web viewing, testing has shown that Android (tm) users will have the best viewing experience by using the Firefox browser on their phones. (Other Android browsers may not display the full web page.)

Note that this presentation system does not allow for two-finger "zooming" of the web page contents usually available on Android phone browsers.

Features of All Viewing Devices

Table of Contents

A small "Table of Contents" menu has been placed at the top left of all presentation slides. Clicking on this icon takes you to a Table of Contents for the presentation. Since the ToC was created by the author, not all slides may be represented in that list.


Since you are viewing the presentation in a web browser, you can bookmark (or "favorite") any of the slides in the presentation. Each slide has a unique URL. When you want to return to a particular place within the presentation, you just use the "Bookmarks" feature of your browser to bring up that slide.

On Phone or Tablet

In addition to the above "all devices" features, you can, on a phone or tablet, navigate through the presentation by just swiping left or right to see the previous or next slide.

As noted above, it is strongly recommended that you rotate your phone or tablet horizontally, so that the presentation appears as it would look on a display screen.

On a phone or tablet, you can "pinch in" with two fingers to see an overview of all slides in miniature. You can then swipe from slide to slide, pressing on the slide you want to see in normal size.

On Computer

In addition to the "all devices" features mentioned above, you can navigate on a computer in a wide variety of ways. For instance, on a computer with a touchscreen, you can navigate through the presentation by just swiping left or right to see the previous or next slide.

Touchscreen or not, you can always navigate by pressing the left or right arrow on your keyboard to move between the previous and next slides. Also, clicking on the small set of arrows in the lower right corner of each slide provides navigation through the presentation.

There are a number of keyboard features in this web package, including:

  • Press "P" for previous slide
  • Press "N" or SPACEBAR for next slide
  • Press "ESC" for an overview of all slides in miniature
    (Click on single slide to go to that slide.)
  • Press "HOME" for the first slide
  • Press "End" for the last slide
  • Press "?" for a popup displaying the keyboard shortcuts

More Mini-Presentations Needed!

Do you have a single cover, or a few items you want to showcase on the MPHS website? See: the guidelines for submitting an article to the MPHS

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