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Presentations on Military Postal History

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Members of the Society have created some Mini-Presentations of Military Postal History. These are quick mini-presentations that run entirely in your web browser, with no additional software needed. They are short (5-8 slides), and cover a purposely limited aspect of an area of military postal history. Try one!

Full-Scale Presentations

Each of the following longer presentations cover a particular topic among the many possible subjects of military postal history. Most of these presentations were created by members of the Military Postal History Society, and have been given at various stamp shows, symposia, and exhibitions. The Society solicits additional presentations from its members. See the Submittal Guidelines for information on how to submit your articles and material for posting on this website.

These presentations were for the most part created with PowerPoint (tm), but have been converted into files that are readable online and do not depend on the PowerPoint program. In particular, we have provided PDF files of each presentation, as well as a set of web pages with images of the presentation slides. The web pages may be viewed online, but a downloadable ZIP package is provided to allow the reader to enjoy the presentation off-line, using only their web browser as the viewing tool.

Some of the recently-posted presentations are available formatted for e-readers. We have created files in both Kindle (tm) and EPUB formats.

E-Document Format Information

For information about electronic document formats, see the following:

the PDF information page,

the EPUB information page , and

the Kindle (tm) information page.

See also the ZIP information page for handling files that have been provided in this archive format.

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