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A. 1:

Cover using 3rd Republic issues mailed June 30, 1940 two days before Vichy govt. established and 14 days after Petain appointed. Sent internally between Kribi and Lolodord – a distance of 110 kilometers. The sender clearly overpaid using the entire Mandara Woman issue of the Third Republic.

Cameroun forsook Vichy following an August 27, 1940 military takeover by the Free French

The cover, using 3rd Republic issues, was flown on an inaugural FAM 18 flight between New Caledonia and Canton Island on July 21, 1940. In July 1940, the island council voted to align with the Free French, but it was not until September 20, 1940 that the Vichy French Governor was forced into exile in French Indochina.