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C. Use of Vichy Issues after switch of fealty from Vichy.

In November 1942, Admiral Darlan (Vice Premier of Vichy) broke with Vichy while visiting Africa. In late December, he was assassinated by a Free French militant. The British preferred General DeGaulle, the U.S. favored Darlan and his successor, General Giraud. General Giraud, as High Commissioner of North Africa (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), was sworn fealty by the components of French West Africa. Vichy postal authorities were retained, but communications with Vichy France were discontinued under the new regime.

General Giraud refused to align with the Free French. The massive territory remained beyond the scope of the Free French. Giraud began collaborating with Free French in February, agreeing later to merge anti-German planning. In November a banking scandal involving Dakar, Senegal, Switzerland, and Nazi Germany forced Giraud to step down as President of the combined Giraud and Free French movements. General DeGaulle unified the two segments the day following Giraud’s resignation.

Vichy French issues by Giraud loyalist colonies are common between November 1942 and November 1943 among the following:

Algeria*, Dahomey*, Togo*, Ivory Coast*, French Guinea*, Morocco*, French Sudan*, Senegal*, Tunisia* (* not fully Free French for another year).