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D. Use of VICHY, FREE FRENCH, THIRD REPUBLIC Issues after joining Free French

Algeria: reversion to 3rd Republic stock occurred on the day of the takeover by Free French from the Giraud administration. Paying 2 fr. 50 centimes, the cover was mailed from Saint Eugene, Algeria to Morris, Illinois on November 8, 1943. Censor tape is attributable to Free French censor T4.318.

Algeria: An unusual cover, posted with the first Free French stamp and 4 Vichy issues. Addressed to New York City on 1/17/44, the rate paid is unclear. The Free French franking accounts for 1.50 fr., lower than the pre-war and war rates. The 4 Vichy issues amount to 25 francs and 50 centimes, overpaying the rates and suggesting that they were slapped on to meet the additional 1 franc franking of the rates at a discount price. Cover censored on the cruiser “Gloire” and (reverse) a U.S. naval censor and flown.