Index to the Military Postal History Society 'Bulletin' Newsletter, 1937-2022


This page contains links to the Complete Index of all issues of the Bulletin of the Military Postal History Society (1937-2022). This Index was created by MPHS member Russ Carter.

This Index is offered for viewing by members of the Society and interested postal history collectors and researchers. Feedback is most welcomed by the creator of the Index. You may email all responses to Russ at

Formats Available

This Index is offered in 2 major formats: text-only and interactive.

Interactive Versions of the Index

The raw information from the Master Index has been re-organized into 2 web-based Index pages. Each of these pages contains direct links to the PDF copies of the Bulletin back issues located on the MPHS website. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER to access these PDF files.

For more information about downloading and viewing PDF files, see the PDF information page.

Primary Index

This interactive index maintains the structure of the main text-based Index, but contains links to each issue of the Bulletin that falls under the indicated index entry. When you find a desired issue of the Bulletin, simply click on the "issue" link to access the PDF file.

In addition this web page contains a "search" form. You can enter a search term, and if that term is present in the Index, you will see a pop-up window with all Index entries that contain that term. (Your browser must "allow pop-ups" to use this feature. Enabling this option varies with each browser program.)

This interactive Index page is located at the Primary Interactive Index link.

Reverse Index

The same information used to create the Primary interactive Index was re-organized into a "reverse" Index. This Index is organized by year, and by issue within the year. All appropriate Index items are therefore listed under the name of each specific issue of the Bulletin.

This interactive Reverse Index page is located at the Reverse Interactive Index link.

Text-Only Versions of the Index

The text versions of the Index use special notation for specific issues of publications containing the old War Cover Club, and that notation is explained at the start of each Index document.

At this time, back issues of the Bulletin are available at various philatelic libraries, such as The American Philatelic Research Library. They are also available on the MPHS website for access BY MEMBERS ONLY.

Text Index Files

Web version of the master Index of the 'Bulletin' [static web page with Index text content]

PDF version of the master Index of the 'Bulletin' [for online/offline reading of the text]

When viewing the text-only Index, it may be desirable to search for desired keywords within the content. This task can best be done by utilizing the search features offered by the document viewer program you are using (e.g., browser, PDF viewer, e-book viewer, etc).

EPUB version of the master Index of the 'Bulletin'

Kindle (AZW3) version of the master Index of the 'Bulletin'

For more information about downloading and viewing PDF files, see the PDF information page.

For more information on downloading and reading the contents of the e-document formats mentioned above, see the ZIP file information page, the MOBI/AZW3 information page, and the EPUB information page.

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