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A.2.: Possessions remaining loyal to Vichy in many cases could only use Third Republic Issues, examples easier to find and identify for those colonies. Adherence to Vichy France:


November 1940: Gabon

July 1941: Syria, Lebanon

December 1941 St. Pierre and Miquelon

May 1942: Wallis and Futurna Islands

November 1942: Algeria*, Dahomey*, Togo*, Madagascar, Ivory Coast*, French Guinea*, Morocco*, French Sudan*, Senegal*, Tunisia*, Gabon, Reunion

(* but not fully Free French for another year).

Left: Algeria, posted 10/25/40 from Miliana, Algeria to U.S., paying 2 fr. 50 centimes rate for surface transport. The 90 c ship stamps date to 1939 just before the defeat of the French Army.

Right: French Guiana switches to Free French on March 16, 1943. Mailed on 4/6/42, the cover arrived in NY on 4/18/46, taking the extraordinarily circuitous route shown in the upper left corner: