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A. 2.:

Left: Printed matter was sent on 5/3/41 to the U.S. (using 3rd Republic stamps) where it was censored. French Guinea remains loyal to Vichy until November 11, 1942, then switches to General Giraud as part of French West Africa.

Right: Josef Pravaz cover from Pointe-A-Pitre sent on 9/12/40 by 3rd Rep. air mail to New York Guadaloupe switches to Free French July 1943 following Vichy attempts to control riots on 5/21/43 and a failed coup d’etat on 6/4/43..

Right: Using 3rd Rep. stamps mailed at Tamatave on August 29, 1941 to Tananarive in Central Madagascar – received 8/31/41. The cover was of pre-war origin. Printed on the reverse were instructions in French and Malagasy that it should not be used for mailing bank bills or payments. Madgascar remains loyal to Vichy until November 5, 1942 following British invasion of the island on September 10, 1942 and the agreement of Vichy forces to an armistice on November 5, and agreement for a Free French Governor on November 6, 1942.