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We’re virtually back to the beginning.

“Favour” uses of the Vichy common design set for the overseas possessions are shown after the ouster of Vichy

No common design issues received in Martinique (above) per French postal authorities. It is a fabrication, perpetrated by Mr. Dworetzky of Brooklyn, New York. How he acquired stamps is unknown. Martinique taken over by Free French forces in July 1943. More than likely, Fort de France postal authorities were unfamiliar with the issue when presented for mailing three years later on February 23, 1946. Further, a 1949 cover postmarked Somali Coast (Djibouti)(also did not receive the stamps) almost identical to the Martinique cover observed by author in 2017.

D. Use of VICHY, FREE FRENCH, THIRD REPUBLIC Issues after joining Free French

Togo: French postal authorities did send some common design stamps to the A.O.F., and admitted in 1946 that some favour covers had been processed. This cover was mailed from Anecho to Lome, Togo on December 3, 1942, during the time of the Darlan anti-German administration of the A.O.F.