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[13 March 2021]

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President's Message for 2021

NEW: Our President's 2021 message to the membership of the MPHS

This web page contains some recent news items from the Military Postal History Society. We hope that these news items will be of great interest to our members. [13 March 2021].

News Items Now Available on Our Blog

As part of our website change to PAIR.COM we now have a "blog" for the MPHS. That publishing area will soon supplant this "news" area.

To see what we have posted so far, go to: our news blog.

These features are available because of our:

New Website Host

You are viewing these web pages through the hosting service of PAIR.COM. We hope to be able to provide many new online features to our members in the coming months. The "news blog" mentioned above is just one new feature.

Auction #219 is Open

See: Military Postal History Society Auction #219, Closing 31 May 2021

The announcement for this auction was sent out as a bulk email to all members with valid email addresses. It is also posted on the blog at: blog announcement of auction 219.

NOTE: Our Auction Manager needs material for the next auction (220). Please contact Kelly Horn at:


New Bulletin (Second 2021 issue)

See: Bulletin Locations Page for downloads. (Your recent email message from the Society will contain the new password to use). Note that our blog also includes an announcement for the Bulletin availability.

Bulletin "Staging Area" Created

Your Editor and Webmaster have created a new place to pre-view upcoming Bulletin articles. See: the "staging area" for the articles currently available for your viewing. This area can be entered using the same password associated with the electronic version of the latest Bulletin. We hope you enjoy your "sneak peek" at upcoming articles, and that you will provide your feedback regarding the content of these articles.

Bulletin Material Needed

Our Bulletin Editor needs material for the next super edition.
Please send material to:

   Dann Mayo, PO Box 6401, D'Iberville, MS 39540


New Educational and Research Materials on Our Website

New material includes:

Member Articles from the 2012 APS Magazine The MPHS provided feature articles for the American Philatelist issue for April 2012.

We are proud to add Harold Krische's presentation to our website The Ninoshima Exhibition, 1914-20, along with Tom Pratuch's exhibit Papal States: Military Mail of the Papal States. These, and all of the presentations, articles, and exhibits can be reached from the research and educational materials web page.

Don't forget that our own Ed Dubin and Al Kugel published an extensive 33-page article on America's involvement in the First World War. This appeared in the AP magazine, the primary publication of the American Philatelic Society.

Books Published by the MPHS

MPHS-published books are now available for purchase from the APS. Each book is described in more detail at: the Book Description web page set.

Note that Volume 1 of the APO book is back in stock at the APS, after having been sold out. [8 March 2021].

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