Harold Krische Presentation in APS Stamp Chat

Harold gave an excellent presentation in an official APS “Stamp Chat” on March 26, 2024. A video of his presentation is available at:


The APS Stamp Chat announcement information follows:

Lessons from Postal History: Mental Health and Prisoners of War

Date: March 26, 2024

Time: 7 pm Eastern

Summary: COVID and international military conflicts have highlighted mental health impacts under adverse conditions. Around the world, people have experienced significant isolation, grief, and impaired communication. We gain unique and interesting insights into those challenges, adversities, and responses to positive interventions through postal history. Through the lens of Japanese World War I prisoner of war postal history, presenter Harold Krische examines how prisoners of war responded to the mental health and isolation challenges, how effectively they coped, and the circumstances that allowed those opportunities to prevail. This program touches on the postal history and methods for research with the postal history and ephemera associated with the camps.

Guest: Harold Krische, Vice President, Military Postal History Society

More information at: