Monographs Published by the Military Postal History Society

The following web pages were created to describe each monograph published by the Military Postal History Society (MPHS). Note that the Monograph project was initiated in 2023, and is a completely new publication activity, going beyond the previous books created by members of the MPHS.

Descriptions of MPHS Monographs

The Society has set a goal of publishing two Monographs each year and we encourage you to consider sharing your knowledge, collections and research with all philatelists via this medium. The established criteria for our Monograph series includes:

· New research, previously unpublished material

· Between 8,000 and 25,000 words with appropriate illustrations

· Length, ideally between 60 and 96 pages in length (with some flex on this)

· A strong theme linking to aspects of military postal history

· Willingness and/or ability to engage in a peer review of the manuscript

Proposals for future Monographs are welcome and should include the following:

· Title of the Monograph

· Short summary (150 words)

· Identify aspects of original research to be shared

· Note any previous philatelic writing experience (not essential)

· Indication of anticipated timeline for completing a ‘draft’

Those with interest in learning more and who are considering submission of a proposal should email Harold at with any questions.